The Best Internet Directory Software Options in 2022 (2023)

Every affiliate can benefit from thisList of members– but it certainly contains a lot of information to juggle! That's why online directory software is just what you need to keep up to date with member information without sending your admin team in circles.

We know a client who runs an entire online business with 2,000 members in her spare time. How does she do all the work?

He leaves most of the work to his online directory software!

With this software, all their members and ads can be easily managed in one place. This makes it easy for its members to connect, update information and build credibility for their business.

Here's everything you need to know about online membership listing software - plus our best tips!

What is online directory software?

Directory software is a tool for creating and managing online directories or directory sites of any kind.It is most often used by non-profit organizations, clubs, associations, chambers of commerce or other membership-based organizations.

Common features typically include detailed contact lists, member lists, map views, ads, events, articles, photo galleries, and more!Not bad, right?

If you run an organization with a membership base, online membership directory software can provide you with:

  • AAll-in-one payment processorfor accepting and managing online payments
  • An easy way to create, update and delete your online listings
  • Easy ways for members to join your organization online
  • Automatically updated contact database
  • Email and newsletter templates to send to your contacts
  • Website hosting and professionally designed website templates

Many of these tools also come withapplicationfor directory management on the go.

With the best member directory software, your list is easy to navigate for your members and hassle-free for your backend team!

Try the best online member directory software for free

Lau Capterra,Wild apricotisThe leading member management software toolon the market!

Thousands of directory-based websites use WildApricot to manage their contacts, ads and memberships. That's why more than 20,000 organizations use us every day to manage their membership lists.

Our features include:

  • Drag and drop website builder
  • Integrated email system (newsletter, anyone?)
  • Mobile application
  • Membership file
  • Members only section
  • Automated payments and membership renewals
  • And more!

In just one afternoon you can have a full membership list on your brand new website, complete with contact database, event listings and automatic payments.

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Pricing starts at just $60 per month and includes a 60-day free trial. And if you have questions, we offer free support!

Click here to start your free trial of WildApricot.

The Best Internet Directory Software Options in 2022 (3)

“Members can manage their own accounts. Automatic updates and easy-to-manage web content. Automatic billing during predetermined periods etc. Easy to use. Within a few weeks we were up and running. Importing data was also easy.”

– John Shakour, Laurelwood Swim Club

11 powerful online directory software options

If you want to compare other options of online directory software tools, there are dozens of options that are perfect for any type of organization.

We've listed our top picks (in alphabetical order!) with each tool's price and key features so you can focus on the solutions that meet your needs.

Here are 11 other network directory software options to consider:

1) 360 directory

360 mapis a tool that can be used by consumers, businesses and large organizations. This software is mainly intended for Chambers of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVBs) and other organizations with both companies and individuals as members.

The Best Internet Directory Software Options in 2022 (4)

Why this online membership directory is great software

  • Tiskani i mobilni bonovi
  • Calendar of community events
  • Local vacancies
  • Contests for websites

360Directories also includes a free demo version.

Prices:Available on request

2) Great map

Great mapis one of the most popular directory software options, used by over 10,000 organizations. The software is intended to optimize all aspects of your membership website or club.

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The Best Internet Directory Software Options in 2022 (5)

Why this online directory software stands out from the rest

  • membership administration
  • payment processing
  • Email advertising
  • Lead generation tools
  • SEO-alati
  • Discounts are available for students, non-profit organizations and the military

A free demo is available upon request! DIY installation is free, but you can also get support for $450.

Prices:Starting at $150 per month, additional add-ons available for purchase. There is also a 7-day free trial.

3) Bitrix24

Bitrix24is robust workforce management software with a social intranet network. Thanks to a fixed rate for many features, you don't have to subscribe to different SaaS solutions.

The Best Internet Directory Software Options in 2022 (6)

Why this online directory tool is great

  • activity streams
  • license plate
  • announcements
  • photo galleries
  • worker's

Prices: Free basic plan, after that pricing starts at $39 per month.

4) directory-machine

DirectoryEngineis a WordPress theme for creating a highly customized directory website. You can monetize your website by charging for listings and advertising space.

The Best Internet Directory Software Options in 2022 (8)

Why this online directory tool is great

  • Local payment gateways available
  • Interface customization with built-in content blocks and widgets
  • SEO friendly directory website structure
  • 12 months of free updates and support

DirectoryEngine offers an on-demand demo if you want to see how it worksA WordPress theme fits your organization.

Prices:One time payment of $89.

5) E-guide

e-guideis a comprehensive tool that allows users to publish various directory-based websites that help increase advertising revenue.

The Best Internet Directory Software Options in 2022 (9)

Why this online membership directory is great software

  • Full mod shop
  • Advanced search function
  • Advanced SEO reports
  • Fully customizable platform
  • application

eDirectory offers a demo version upon request.

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Prices:Starting at $99 per month.

6) it's depressing

it's depressingis robust directory software with multilingual support for companies in the automotive, real estate, healthcare and other industries.

The Best Internet Directory Software Options in 2022 (10)

Why this online directory software stands out from the rest

  • Mobile applications
  • video galleries
  • geolocating maps
  • Super- in sponsorship
  • Mass import and export

Ezydir's demo is available upon request and has multiple pricing options.

Prices:You can access the download version you own with a one-time payment of $1200. Otherwise, the cloud-based hosted version starts at $99/month.

7) GoClixy

GoClixyprovides a business directory script that can be added to your website. It can help you create different membership plans, upload your logo and you'll be online in minutes!

The Best Internet Directory Software Options in 2022 (11)

Why this online membership directory is great software

  • Free mobile application
  • Selected entries
  • Banner and AdSense ads
  • plan membership

GoClixy offers an on-demand demo and comes with free initial setup.

Prices:It starts with a one-time payment of $149.

8) Marktgrabber

MarktGrabberoffers robust directory management software perfect for a variety of niches including job boards, classifieds, events, real estate, auto/vehicle and horse classifieds.

The Best Internet Directory Software Options in 2022 (12)

Why this online directory tool is great

  • Selected entries
  • Unlimited categories
  • Ad view counter
  • Search engine optimization

Features may vary depending on the specific needs of your business, and a demo is available upon request. You also have access to e.gAdvanced design services (including 2 hours of support) from $199.

Prices:One time payment of $499.

9) OwnLocal

OwnLocalspecializing in the processing, distribution and reporting of your phone books. Your platform can help you with localized search engine optimization and offline directory broadcasting (eg newspaper listings).

(Video) eDirectory Webinar - The Online Directory Business Model

The Best Internet Directory Software Options in 2022 (13)

Why this online directory software stands out from the rest

  • Optimized for search engines
  • Create a landing page
  • Profiles updated with print ads

A demo of OwnLocal is available upon request.

Prices:Available on request.

10) Workbook

Workbookis advanced, award-winning directory software. It is used by Fortune 500 companies, consultancies, associations, universities, hospitals, law firms and government agencies worldwide. A great option for an established organization with a large membership base!

The Best Internet Directory Software Options in 2022 (14)

Why this online directory tool is great

  • Unlimited custom fields
  • profile templates
  • More profile variants
  • visibility controls

A free demo is available upon request

Prices:Free trial, then $250 per month.

11) Folder of templates

template folderis WordPress theme software that can help you create, manage and monetize directory sites for any purpose. Multiple tools allow you to create a detailed, customizable directory that best suits your member base.

The Best Internet Directory Software Options in 2022 (15)

Why this online directory tool is great

  • Shared data import/export
  • Extended "Search+" form.
  • Simple user management
  • Many subfolder theme templates
  • 30+ advanced paid directory extensions

Demo Tempatic Directory is available upon request.

Prices:Starting at $89. You can also contact Templatic for more information about the club price, which gives you access to over 90 Templatic themes.

We hope this list helps you find the best directory website software for you!

Choose your perfect online directory software

Member directories are a must for any membership organization, and setting up an online directory software is key to making this tool really shine! As you explore your options, make sure you choose the one that you think can do the most for your business with the least amount of effort.

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Psst - we know we've mentioned ourselves before, but WildApricot ISCapterra's first choicefor membership management software.

Apply for youFree 60-day trialand start building the membership list of your dreams!

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Can I create an online directory? ›

There are several ways to create a directory website that you can choose from. The most common ones are local business directories, professional service provider directories, and membership directories or association websites.

What is a directory software? ›

Directory software is a tool for building and managing any sort of online directory or listing website. It's typically used by nonprofits, clubs, associations, chambers of commerce or any other organization that has a membership base.

How do I grow an online directory? ›

How to Market an Online Directory (8 Tips)
  1. Populate Your Listings. ...
  2. Use Social Media. ...
  3. Run a “Best of” Contest. ...
  4. Use Google Ads. ...
  5. Trade Free Advertising. ...
  6. Write Blog Posts for Other Sites. ...
  7. Email Your Subscribers. ...
  8. Provide Door Stickers to Storefront Customers.
Dec 10, 2022

What is a local business directory? ›

A local business listing directory (also known as a “local business directory”) is any website that lists businesses based on their location. A listing usually contains NAP (name, address, phone number) information, a basic description, a link to the business's website, and customer reviews.

Do people still use online directories? ›

Even though web directories dropped dramatically in popularity, people still used them. But not for what they were supposed to used them. As much as people say that web directories are still useful, the truth is that people have been using them merely for link building and online marketing for a long time.

Do online directories make money? ›

Probably the most popular but less profitable way of monetizing a directory website is selling advertising space. There are two most common models of displaying ads on your site. You can earn by integrating your site with an ads platform.

Is Active Directory still a thing? ›

Active Directory is still relevant in workplaces that require on-prem Windows-based architecture and use cloud infrastructure and web-based applications sparingly.

Can you make money with a directory? ›

Sell listings to local businesses

This is the most common way to make money with a local business directory and the simplest way to bring in money. Keep in mind that only creating an online directory doesn't automatically generate income. You still have a lot of work to do in promoting the directory.

How do I run a successful online ad? ›

How to Create an Online Advertising Strategy for Your Business
  1. Step 1: Set Goals. You should always set goals for your online advertising campaign. ...
  2. Step 2: Find Your Target Audience. ...
  3. Step 3: Assign a Budget. ...
  4. Step 4: Pick a Channel. ...
  5. Step 5: Create Ads and Launch Your Campaign. ...
  6. Step 6: Optimize Your Campaign.

How do I make a profitable directory? ›

Use popular ads network like Google Adsense (PPC), and (impressions based) or sell ad space directly. A directory should have a blog too. In many cases, the blog comes first, and the directory follows. It will make it much easier to attract traffic.

Does Google have a business directory? ›

Google My Business (GMB) Directory is a global index of businesses managed by Google. Businesses can create a listing for themselves, and then that information is available to users on Google Search and Google Maps.

What is the alternative to Yellow Pages? ›'s top 5 competitors in May 2023 are:,,,, and more.

What is online business directory? ›

A business directory is a website or printed listing of information which lists businesses within niche based categories. Businesses can be categorized by niche, location, activity, or size. Business may be compiled either manually or through an automated online search software.

What is the most famous web directory? ›

Most Visited Public Records and Directories Websites
RankWebsitePages / Visit
46 more rows

What are the most common web directories? ›

The most common web directories are the IIS web directories, the FTP directories, the shared directories, and the custom directories. It is important to consider security when creating web directories, as they should be protected with appropriate permissions and regularly scanned for malicious content.

What are two types of directories? ›

Single-level directories and two-level directories are the two types of directories. The single-level directory is the simplest directory structure. In a two-level directory structure, there is a master node that has a separate directory for each user. Each user can store the files in that directory.

How much should you charge for a directory listing? ›

Charge too little and you could be leaving money on the table. Charge too much and you might not get any buyers. Most local directories will charge anywhere from $25 - $100 per month for a listing, with the average price being $50/month. Keep in mind that the prices you set today may change in the future.

How do I monetize a web directory? ›

How to Monetize an Online Directory with GeoDirectory
  1. Sell Premium Listings. ...
  2. Sell Advertising Space on Your Site. ...
  3. Set Your Price for Businesses to Claim Their Listing. ...
  4. Create a Marketplace that Sells Event Tickets. ...
  5. Collect Commissions on a Listing's Product Sales (Marketplace) ...
  6. Use Affiliate Links. ...
  7. Sell Leads.
Nov 1, 2022

Which is the top level directory? ›

The root directory is the top-level directory in a folder structure. All of the other folders grow outwards from the root directory, so it makes sense to think of the root directory as the trunk of a tree from which the branches grow.

What is the current directory? ›

Alternatively called working directory or current working directory (CWD), the current directory is the directory or folder where you are currently working. The following sections contain some common use examples involving the current working directory. Windows current directory.

Which directory implementation is used in most operating system? ›

The most commonly used directory implementation in modern operating systems is the tree directory structure.

How do I create my own directory? ›

Windows desktop
  1. Navigate to the Windows desktop. You can quickly do this with the keyboard shortcut Windows key + D .
  2. Right-click any blank portion of the desktop.
  3. In the menu that appears (like that shown in the picture), click New and then Folder.
  4. Once the new folder appears, type a name for it and then press Enter .
May 1, 2023

How do you create a directory if it doesn't exist? ›

Using the 'mkdir' Command with '-p' Option

The 'mkdir' command is the most basic way to create a directory in Linux. The '-p' option allows you to create a directory only if it does not already exist, and it creates any necessary parent directories as well.

How do online directories work? ›

What is an Online Directory? An online directory is a submission-based online service. You secure your entry by “claiming” your listing. Typically they are free, or free to start with a paid option unlocking more features for your listing.

What is a web virtual directory? ›

A virtual directory is a path or alias within a website that refers users to another directory where the actual data is hosted. The referred directory can be a physical directory on a local server's hard drive or a directory on another server (network share).

Which method is used to create directory? ›

You can create a new directory by using the createDirectory(Path, FileAttribute<?>) method.

Which can be used to create directory? ›

Use the mkdir command to create one or more directories specified by the Directory parameter. Each new directory contains the standard entries dot (.) and dot dot (..). You can specify the permissions for the new directories with the -m Mode flag.

How to setup simple Active Directory? ›

Right-click on the Start button and go to Settings > Apps > Manage optional features > Add feature. Now select RSAT: Active Directory Domain Services and Lightweight Directory Tools. Finally, select Install then go to Start > Windows Administrative Tools to access Active Directory once the installation is complete.


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