The 12 Best Font Encodings in Microsoft Word (2023)

If you need to embed code in your Word document, you need to find a suitable font to make it stand out from the rest. This article reviews the best fonts for writing code in a text document to make sure you've found the right font.

The best sources for programming in Microsoft Word are Courier New, Consolas, and Lucida Console.All thoseworks great when trying to insert encoding as part of a document. They also look good when they're indented in the middle of the page (where most of the coding is).

The 12 Best Font Encodings in Microsoft Word (1)

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Courier New will always be a popular choice for encoding fonts. It looks great and comes from the original font used by typewriters in the old days. It's unique enough compared to standard fonts like Times New Roman and Arial that it will do wonders when coding.

The key to writing code in a Word document is the font style. There's no point writing an entire document in Times New Roman just to paste all the code like that.

Keeping the fonts the same doesn't help readers understand where the styles or codes come from. It's like putting written examples in quotation marks or putting them in italics. You will always want to find ways to keep them apart.

Instead of using idiomatic or italic characters to encode, your best bet is to change the font. Because Courier New is such a popular and recognizable font, it's a good choice when you're looking for something that stands out from the rest of your writing.


Consoles is another great coding font available in Microsoft Word. The name comes from "console", which is used to refer to consoles where you can enter data or code. It is one of the best sources for this reason.

Consoles' style is simple, but that's what makes it effective. When coding, you don't want to use fancy fonts, and you definitely don't want to use something that's hard to read.

Consolas is not that different from most sans serif fonts (such as Arial or Calibri). However, it comes with a style that makes it look great when you paste it as part of the code in the middle of a document.

clearing consul

Lucida Console is another good option. It is part of the Lucida font family, which is a very popular font for Word users. Most people are familiar with the default fonts, and Console is the best font to use when writing code.

Lucida Console has large spaces between each letter, even if you don't put spaces between them. These spaces help differentiate the code from the rest of your writing.

Gaps allow people to understand your code more reasonably. You'll better understand why you decided to write something the way you did, or what you want the code to do when inserted into specific programs.

Arial Narrow

Arial Narrow is a decent option worth mentioning. It is part of the Arial font family, which is perhaps the most popular font in Microsoft Word. You should only use this for code if you are not using Arial as the body of your document.

You want your code and body to be clearly different. Using Arial for both (even if you use different styles) can be confusing.

We recommend choosing Arial Narrow over all others, as it looks at the encoding. You can fit a lot on a single line, which makes it ideal if you withlonger strings of code.


Candara isn't as well known, but it's a great source if you're looking for something to code. The fineness of the letters is what makes them so attractive as a code font. It resembles Consolas and Courier New, making it a great option.

Many people overlook Candara because of the options that surround it in alphabetical order (such as Courier and Consoles). Since Word organizes its fonts alphabetically, it can be hard for fonts like Candara to gain popularity if people aren't used to it.

We recommend testing this when writing your code. It could actually come from some of the things you put in your document.

Segoe UI Light

Segoe UI Light is an excellent option that makes good use of the "light" feature of the font. In general, you want most source code to be light and easy to read. Sometimes bold can distract from why you need a code font other than the regular font.

Segoe is also a very popular font family in Word. There are many branching options for this font that work very well. Chances are you've used one or two of them in your own writing before.

However, Segoe UI Light is by far the best Segoe source to code. It has everything you could need and is unique enough to stand out from generic fonts like Arial.

gothic user interface

Yu Gothic UI is another solid option. The "UI" part of the font is key here, as it shows that it's a suitable choice for most user interfaces or documents. It can work well when placed in the middle of your documents to render the code.

Unfortunately, Yu Gothic's user interface can be easily overlooked. It is one of the last fonts in the list of Microsoft Word fonts in alphabetical order. Unless someone already knows about it or decides to scroll to the bottom of the list, chances are they've never seen this one.

We encourage you to try this. You'll surely find a use for it somewhere, and it's worth taking a look to see where that use might come from.

free light

Ubuntu Light is another good option for programming in Word. It looks great when it's centered on the page, and the styling is perfect if you're trying to find a way to use it that's different from the generic fonts most people write in.

The "light" style of Ubuntu Light is the best feature here. Again, clear fonts are always better when it comes to writing code in the middle of a document.

They're easy to see, and most people will understand that you're trying to separate the code from the rest of the script to help them understand what the code is trying to accomplish.

Gill Sans MT

Gill Sans MT is another popular option that comes from a Word-specific font family. It works great if you're trying to insert code in the middle of your writing. Unless you write in another Gill Sans font, this one will stand out from the rest.

Gill Sans MT looks great on most documents. It has double lines, which means it looks a bit bolder than most fonts. While this audacity isn't always ideal for programming in Word, it can provide an interesting approach that most people avoid.


SimSun is a nice option that already feels like it was made for code. You wouldn't be able to use SimSun in any other situation anyway, as it's only designed for coding. Like the body text, SimSun would look out of place and scary.

SimSun is not a popular source because not many people know about it. If more people knew it existed, it would beMuch morepopular as a method to address coding in most of your Microsoft Word documents.

Quire Sans

Quire Sans is a decent option, though it won't work for most people. Of course, it features a style that is unique compared to the generic Times New Roman, Calibri, and Arial fonts, but some people feel that this strays too far from the idea behind writing the code.

For example, the letter "Q" has a long line under it, which is unusual in encoding. It is more common for fonts to be concise and not have excessive "noise".

If you like the look, wear it. But there are definitely people out there who would rather not do that.

facebook agent

FB Agency is a good option if you want to use code informally in your writing. We recommend using Agency FB if ​​you don't include the code as part of a how-to or UI document.

A good time to get the FB Agency involved is when there is a programming thread about a creative or fantasy novel you are doing. The font is unique enough and shows the expected things that most people look for when searching for code sources.

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The 12 Best Font Encodings in Microsoft Word (2)

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