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Synonyms, Slang, and Collocations – RealLife English (1)Do you find it difficult to describe beautiful and attractive things, experiences and people differently?

English has many ways of saying the same thing. This rich mix of different languages ​​and the development of English (thanks to our friend Shakespeare) have made English the beautiful mix it is today. Pay attention to the etymology of some of the following words.

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Your native language probably has a sophisticated array of words to describe beauty and attractiveness, but you probably know little in English. When creating onerich vocabularyit enriches your English and sounds much more natural.

The 16 most common synonyms for beauty

*Organized byinnocent most suggestiveof romantic and/or sexual interest

1. BonitoIt can be used to describe a dog, a baby, or someone you are romantically or not attracted to. Calling someone cute is often the first phase ofromantic interest, but it can also be confused with plutonic/non-romantic love.

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2. adorableit has the same spongy feel but is a little stronger. It's a way of talking about a lighter, more playful form of beauty that can be applied to pets, babies/toddlers, and people you may or may not be romantically attracted to.servicehowever, as a verb, it means having a deep love and respect for someone.

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3. attractiveit is the most general and objective way of saying that another person has a pleasant appearance. It doesn't necessarily mean romantic interest. This is a word you can talk to.onea person (call someone objectively beautiful) and notfora person that interests you.

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4. Bonitois one of the most common ways to describe an attractive person. Althoughgood lookingis a little more romantic than the wordattractive,It doesn't necessarily mean romantic interest. It is used to talk about people who have a good appearance.Good lookingcomes fromto look good(You look good in this dress, for example.)

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5. Lindais the classic way of describing feminine beauty (at least when it comes to people), which often expresses both the exteriormiinner beauty. Calling someone of the opposite sex beautiful (i.e. you are beautiful) increasingly indicates romantic interest because it can express attraction to your entire being.

However, this is different from saying "You look beautiful" (a compliment to someone's current appearance, which may or may not indicate romantic interest). It is also important to note that a woman (especially) often without romantic intentions will compliment the physical beauty of another woman as a man would (for a woman). But it's rare for a straight man to call another man handsome.

*Important cultural note:with romantic intentionsLindoIt is generally used to describe a feminine or very intimate beauty. Therefore, in English-speaking cultures, it is not common for a woman to call a man handsome unless she is describing a more delicate type of beauty. While a man would call a woman beautiful, a woman would call a man handsome, cute, or even handsome. Also keep in mind that beautiful is not only used to describe people but also places and things, which is much more universal.

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6. Bonitois a word traditionally used to describe an attractive man. In the US, this is quite an old-fashioned word and rarely used by the younger generation, while Australians of all ages use it consistently to describe attractive men.

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In the United States, the general tendency (among young people) to describe an attractive manIt is notto useLindooBonito(although they are not wrong). Most people under 40 would use itgood lookingoLindoin this situation.

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7. LindaThis is comparable toLindoin meaning, but in a more innocent and/or physical way.Lindoit is a more powerful and comprehensive concept (beauty can describe not only external beauty but also internal beauty and grace), and it has more impact.Bonito, on the other hand, can be based more on physical appearance, which can be shaped through cosmetics. Although it means attraction and there is nothing superficial about the word,good andnot as deep and significant asLindo.It's not that formal either.

Supervision:This is another word that describes feminine beauty. A woman would never describe a man as "handsome" in general. Another common collocation is for a witch to call children "my cute" when she has malicious intent.

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8. Bonitois another synonym forLindowhich denotes a very strong physical attraction. while the worldLindoit may have more of an indoor/outdoor quality, glare is a purely physical attraction. This can be used for both feminine and masculine beauty, although it is used more often by women to describe men.

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9. adorableis synonymous with a predominantly feminine beauty that describes an elegant and/or radiant beauty. You can also use it to describe things and events (for example, I had a great time at the park, my vacation was great, etc.). This is commonly used in elegant British English.

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10. Exquisiteit means to be beautiful in a very delicate and sophisticated way. word-likeUntil,Exquisite, when describing people, denotes extreme feminine beauty. Using similar qualities (delicate, refined, etc.), we can use exquisite to talk about food, wine, an experience, and anything else that requires keen/sensitive attention to detail.

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11. Impressiveit is an amazing and/or shocking phenomenon that is said to even cause unconsciousness. It is commonly used to describe feminine beauty, but it can also be used to describe a man.

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12. fuchsis another word used in English to describe a very attractive woman or man. You can say "she is sexy" or "she isa fox', although that word isn't used much these days (it's more of a 70s slang). The literal meaning of a fox is a wild animal (similar to a dog - see definition below) and the British word origin is foxismonitism, meaning young and attractive.

Check your translations:When I was a beginner in Spanish in Mexico, I learned that theliterallytranslation forfuchswas in spanishthe blameSo I had a date with asexylady one afternoon and everything was going very well until I looked her in the eye and said "you're a bitch" and she surprised me with a slap. Apparentlythe blameIt means prostitute in Spanish.

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13. radiantSense: It is a type of shiny or shimmering beauty that is used specifically to describe feminine beauty. It is a living beauty of light, luminosity, life, energy and health. It is also common to use this as a temporary, momentary beauty.

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14. Sexyit's a word that I think will be translated into other languages ​​and that most people will understand. It means that the person is attractive in a very sexual, sensual and exciting way. However, nowadays, colloquially used,sexycan sometimes be used to describe things that are exciting, glamorous, and/or trendy, such as B. a "sexy new guitar" or a "sexy new computer" (similar to fantasy).

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15. calienteIt is similar to sexy in that it is an attraction that arouses sexual interest or even lust. You can say "he's hot" or "he's hot."Adelicious." BothwarmmisexyThey are easily objective. Here is an urban dictionary definition.

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16. Honeyis a noun used to describe a very beautiful woman (or in rare cases a man). It is to the same extentmarvelousbut it definitely isNOas common as before. I'm sure you'll find a lot of pop culture references in old movies and songs.

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59 most common synonyms and collocations for beauty

These are in alphabetical order with an asterisk * next to what I think are the most popular.

  • *aesthetically pleasing (adj)is a more objective way of saying that it pleases the senses. and much morecommon to use this to describe the designthan people (it is very objective).
  • * Complainant (adj.):Something attractive or interesting (attracts you). We use it to talk about things and/or ideas and it doesn't usually mean romantic intentions with people.
  • *Seductive (adj):Something that mysteriously seduces or attracts you. You can say that about a person or a thing.
  • *incredible (adjective):Something or someone that surprises or impresses you (describing a person is more about a deep feeling than external beauty).
  • *Angelic (adj)/ an angel(s):It is another way of describing something with a religious connotation, or when describing a person, some kind of mystical or sacred connection or beauty.
  • *bang (blow) (adj)(To hit) is an informal but popular colloquial meaningsexyowarmwhen describing a person (usually used to describe women), but can also mean something is great (non-sexual). It comes from the verb bang, which means to hit hard, and can also mean "to have sex."
  • ABeauty/Abeautyit is intended to describe a particularly perfect example of something (of things and people) used mainly by men.
  • Werden (adj.)It is a fancier word that means that it enhances beauty, like a nice dress or shirt that beautifies a person or thing. It can also mean that it is appropriate or goes well with something.
  • seductiveHe is a charming and attractive type of beauty, but sometimes in a clever or sneaky way.
  • bewitched/bewitched (adj)he has the ability to "capture" someone, become mesmerized, or lose control, as is often the case with romantic desires.
  • Bootylicioso (adj)The name of a famous Destiny's Child song is a combination of the wordsJack(ass or ass) withdelicious. This is a "curvier" or more voluptuous form of sex appeal (referring to a woman with a larger or larger body).

  • * impressive (adj)It is something dazzling and is often used to describe natural beauty or something extremely graceful.
  • Drall (adj)it is a particularly voluptuous and/or busty form of feminine beauty.
  • *captivating (adjective)it is a type of beauty that surprises and captivates you (prisoner). This is often used to describe people and things that grab you and throw you out of control.
  • *Charming (adjective)it's a pleasantly hypnotic aspect of a person that may have more to do with their behavior and/or presence. This is used much more to describe the ideal man (ie Prince Charming) in a romantic sense than a woman. Similar to enchanted and enchanted.
  • nice (adjective)is a word that derives from "to become" and has a similar meaning. This is either an attractive combination or something that goes well, like the clothes, or a pair that complements each other.
  • zar (adj)It is a delicate or exquisite female beauty. This word is somewhat outdated and common in Old English literature.
  • * mix (adj)it is something or someone dazzling or dazzling you with a strong and startling light that confuses your vision.
  • preciousit is something that enchants or delights. When it comes to beauty, it is something that pleases the senses.
  • *divine (adjective)is a word used to describe a beauty of a heavenly or sacred nature, similar toangelic.
  • doll (n)Meaning: It is a somewhat old-fashioned/old-fashioned adjective to describe beauty or cuteness, probably derived from toy dolls. It has a connotation of soft and delicate features with a hint of innocence. You see it in old movies.
  • dreamerit's a kind of human beauty that makes you daydream (fantasise about something). Although this word is out of date / old fashioned, a young girl might describe her crush (the person she likes) as dreamy.
  • * Guardia Umwerfend (adj)is a common collocation for a woman or man who is so attractive that your heart stops beating. Drop-dead is only used to describe people.
  • * Attractiverefers to something that grabs people's attention and attention, literally drawing glances from all sides. what an example
  • pleasing to the eye (adj)It is a type of beauty that makes such a person easy to look at. Of course, it is an understatement (the presence of something as a minor matter). AlsoIt's not hard to see.
  • * Eye drops)is informal slang meaning that something is pleasing to the eye but lacks depth. Although it is not a swear word, it is very direct and sexual.
  • charmingit is a beauty or attraction that has the power to bewitch or "enchant" you (use magic to alter your state). This can be used with people and things. Similar to enchant and bewitch.
  • *Fabulous (adjective)it is a beauty or attraction that inspires admiration. Similar to wonderful and amazing.
  • easyis a very delicate form of beauty that is derived from Old English (i.e. myfairlady or him). It also simply means fair and/or blonde skin.
  • * tripa (adj)is a slang from the 1990s that means sexy or attractive (masculine or feminine) and is often used by young people.
  • * fly (adjective)Sense: It's 90s ghetto slang and means anything from cool to kind of a mix of cute and cool. It can be used to describe a person or thing.
  • look forSense: It is an adjective that means attractive and comes from Old English. "To Fetch" literally means "to fetch" or "to fetch". It can be used for things and people.
  • *Agoddess(es)it is literally a female deity, but by describing an attractive woman it means that she is so beautiful that she has a sacred and divine quality that is almost superhuman.
  • glamorous (adj.)It means possessing a magical and/or exciting charm or glamour.
  • glorious (adjective)it is a type of attraction that evokes splendor, awe and glory.
  • * Lustig (adj)It is an elegant type of beauty, often delicate in appearance or movement.
  • *Aconspicuous(s)Sense: She is a person who is so beautiful that she makes people turn their heads to look at her when she walks or drives (often leading to car accidents).
  • heartbreaking (adjective)It is a kind of extreme and amazing beauty that is said to "stop the heart".
  • * hot (adjective)Sense: It is a synonym that adolescents or young people often use to describe someone who is sexy and attractive. Urban Dictionary defines "hottie" as someone who is physically attractive but doesn't know it yet.
  • hypnotic (adj)He is someone so attractive that he hypnotizes you so much that you lose control.
  • *irresistible (adjective)it's some kind of pull or pull that you can't resist. This is usually used to describe a beautiful person, but it is also used to describe emotions, feelings, and impulses.
  • *Aobservers)stands for someone who is "handsome" as ingood looking, is generally used to describe a young woman.
  • *üppig (adj)it's literally something that tastes good, rich and sweet. As is often the case, the sensual experience of eating carries over into the description of a sensually attractive person.
  • *magnetic (adj.)it is an attraction or attraction that takes on the quality of a magnet that draws you in, pulls you in.
  • *genialIt is a striking and extravagant type of beauty that can be used to describe a person or thing.
  • * wonderful (adjective)Sense: It is an adjective that literally means to amaze, amaze, and inspire awe. It can be used to describe a strong attraction or attraction towards a person or thing.
  • *Right (adjective)is a colloquial synonym for beautiful, which also means nice and pleasant. When talking about a woman (and possibly a man), saying that this person is 'nice' implies sexual attraction (Australian English).
  • *A10 perfect(n)Sense: is a person (usually a woman) who achieves a perfect score on a scale of 1-10. This 1-10 scale/score is one way that more superficial men tend to objectify women and give them a bad name. superficial touch to their own beauty so that they can systematize their achievements and communicate with their friends. For example, a 10 is perfect, a 9 can be very beautiful/wonderful, an 8 is beautiful, a 7 is sweet, and a 6 is good.
  • *Fegen (adj.)It is an extreme and/or impressive beauty that hypnotizes you.
  • recoverit's something that grabs your attention in a positive way, to the point of losing control.
  • seductiveit is a type of beauty that seduces you, attracts you and seduces you.
  • sensualis another word that describes purely physical beauty and refers to the appreciation of a person's physical qualities.
  • * smoking (hot smoking)Meaning: She is such a hot (sexy) person that she emits smoke (figuratively). Urban Dictionary defines it as "past the point of (more than) really hot".
  • * Spectacular (adjective)It is a dramatic and imposing beauty that captures people's attention like a spectacle. This is used for both people and things.
  • *Awesomebeauty(announcement)it is a common combination with beauty that describes it as something that hits you or hits you hard and has an impact.
  • *sublime (adjective)it is a type of beauty that is almost spiritual or sacred and evokes admiration. This can be used to describe people, but is more commonly used to describe things.
  • to takeis a type of person who captivates (seizes or possesses) with his beauty or charm. This is not commonly used these days.
  • Atraffic assistantrefers to a person who is so attractive that it stops traffic. Whatever the reason, this is usually indicative of women. Fascinating and beautiful things can also be described with it.
  • charmingdescribes someone as attractive in character's physical appearance. This is not commonly used these days.
  • *Wonderful (adjective)it is a beauty or attraction that arouses admiration, wonder and curiosity.

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