More than 300 contrasts (antons) from A to W with great examples (2023)

Antonyms (opposite words) are an important kind of word that can be used in almost any form of writing. However, many people do not understand what anthonymous. Most people would be surprised that they probably always use Antonime without understanding it.through what is anthonym, how it is used when writing and gives them some of the reasons why teaching anthonym is important for every form of letters.


What is anthonym?

Antonyms are actually just words that have opposite meanings to each other. Contrary,SynonymousIts words with the same meanings. However, what most people don't realize is that there are actually different types of antonyms. We'll look at these different types below.Antonym. Explain what you are and indicate some examples to make it clearer.

Examples of antonyms (contradictions).::

  • Night day
  • Arrival - go
  • Younger older
  • Worse
  • Right left
  • rich poor
  • Stupid
  • Klein

Examples of Antones (Contradictions)

More than 300 contrasts (antons) from A to W with great examples (1)Inflexible

opposites (antonyms)

Types of antonyms/contradictions

Complementary and binary pairs

Don't worry about a bit complicated names for these different types of anthonys.Complementary and binary couples are the simplest of Antonyms to understand because there is absolutely no gray zone between them.This means that all of these types of Antone are opposite to other words and there is no place to confuse over these specific examples of Antone:

  • DofromvividStudent - You can be nothing but these two, and dead is an absolute concrete opposite to the living.This makes them complementary and binary anthonyms, because their opposite meanings are very obvious.In short, if "dead" is applicable as a descriptive word for someone, then "alive" cannot be, and vice versa.
  • To happenfromfailure- You can't pass them bothUFailure, so this is another clear example of antons of complementary and binary couple.
  • WHEREfromINACCURATELY- Again, something can't be true and wrong.

We hope that the above examples made the importance of anonymity of complementary and binary couples much clearer.To remember which are antonymic complementary and binary couples, ask yourself if both be true - if not, these are complete contrasts and complementary and binary couples.

Prigibni Antoniemen

In these types, antonyms are generally on the other side of the scale. This means that there are between two words that can describe the gray area in the middle of these scales. To be antonyms at all, they must still be opposite each Other, so they are on the other side of the scale. Let's look at some examples to clarify this:

  • UglyUSchön- There is some subjectivity here, and there are words that can describe the gray between the two. Words like "plain" or "average" can be used to describe someone who is neither ugly nor beautiful. At opposite ends of that scale, however, "attractiveness" is ugly and beautiful, so they are rated as antonyms.
  • ColonUbad- As we know, morality exists on a sliding scale that different people belong to different places, and even in ourselves we can sometimes do good things and sometimes do things that are bad. But since good and bad are opposite the bottom of the scale, many antonyms are .
  • It is calledUinvited- Again, it can be warm or cold, but warm and cold are extremely opposite on the ladder.

Inverted Ili Relational Antoni

These Antonyms are defined by their reverse relationship.Two words are opposite, but in terms of mutual relationship.Two things or people are related but have the opposite meanings.So let's look at some of these reverse or relay anthonys:

  • seniorUprogeny- Two people are clearly connected to each other, and the antonimi are the opposite here. The birthitor is associated with his offspring, and the offspring is connected to the parent. It therefore underlines the opposite relationship they have.
  • AcquireUsell– This is another example of two things or actions that are related, but also opposite. If someone buys something from someone else, that other person must also sell the product to the customer. Thus, they have a very close opposite relationship and therefore fall under inverse or relational antonyms.
  • PressUVoice— Here, too, they are related, but opposite.

Add prefix to get anthony

Sometimes antonyms can be as simple as adding aprefixSuch as "dis" or "un" for a word that forms an antonym for a word. Let's look at some of these examples:

If you want to make an antonym for a wordcomparable- Which means that something has the properties that suit something else - then you can do it by adding a prefix.In this case, 'dis"I would work to make wordsdifferent- that is, something doesn't have characteristics that correspond to something else - that's why you made an antonym by simply adding a prefix. Of course, there are other examples:

  • ConfidentCan turnunknownBy adding prefixes'U»
  • ImportantCan turnunimportantBy adding the same prefix.
  • RespectCan turnlack of respectBy adding prefixes'dis»

And besides these rare ones, there are many more.

Why learn antonyms and synonyms?

The importance of antons and synonyms when writing cannot be emphasized enough.If you write creatively or in books that are not invented, you should almost certainly use Antonime to present the opposite relationship.It is important to know or learn them how to make it right, because they can use different expressions to describe something effective.In most things we write about, ultimately will be contradictory to show a change or difference.Therefore, it is important to be at an early stage of turning with antonyms and synonyms to show these differences.

We hope this guide has given you a detailed understanding of antonyms and different types that you can use in your own writing in the future!


Here is an extensive list of A-Z opponents (opposites) with examples of sentences.

Suprocity/Antoni (a)

A list of opposites that start with a examples.

Much - a little

  • We spentA lots ofAbout forming children.
  • Fortunately I amplaceRemaining time.

To increase

  • There are actions to be takeninformPollution.
  • The population hasraisedfrom 1.2 million to 1.8 million.

Can - not possible

  • You have to besuitableSpeak French for this job.
  • she wasis not capable ofthey hide their excitement.

Failed - passed

  • During the war of 1770, the Greeks revoltedfailureThe uprising, which was immediately suppressed by the Turks.
  • They aresuccessfulWhen placing an order.

Up and down

  • I heard the strange sound coming from the roomabove.
  • I heard voices in the yardunderMy window.

Shorten - expand

Examples of antons:

  • They asked hershortenRadio roman.
  • The size of deathexpandedSuitable for all sizes.

Absent Present

  • students who are regularabsentfrom school.
  • Fullcurrentlyin the Earth's atmosphere.

Abundant - rare

  • Are they fishingabundantI see.
  • Food was oftenscarcein winter.

Accept Reject

  • RickacceptedYour coffee offer.
  • According to his school reports, he never didsinkchallenge.

Accept - waste


  • Isadoptedan invitation to stay with us.
  • PresidentrefusedTo answer more questions.

Precise - incorrect

  • Brochure seeks to be fair and honestexactDescription of each hotel.
  • Much of what has been written about him is also thatinaccurate.

Reach - failure

  • He finally succeededreachIt follows.
  • Thenfailurego to art school.

to add

  • like youAdd toAll these amounts in the sum give a huge number.
  • like youto jerk off6 out of 9, you get 3.

Adjacent - far away

  • We stayed insideneighboringRooms.
  • The stars areDeletedFrom our galaxy.

To admire - - to hate

Examples of antons:

  • I reallyto admireYour enthusiasm.
  • Two mendisgustingmutual.

Admit - refuse

  • A quarter of all employeesgive inTo rest when you are not sick.
  • DepartmentrejectedResponsibility for what happened.

Admit - deny

  • ThenUnpleasantBe strict with their children.
  • Prime MinisterrefusedAny idea to reform the system.

Worship - hatred

  • ThenAnbeterWorking with children.
  • andhadTo see you unhappy.

Progress - withdrawal


  • The troops were finally given commandPrepayment.
  • The army was also forcedRefugeAfter great losses.

the advantage of lack

  • Her experience meant she had a big oneBenefitAbout his opponent.
  • FromHandicapThe advantage of the material is that it fades when exposed to strong sunlight.


  • Mrhoward explained thatin trade forAll forms of racism.
  • Everyone always isforFried in deep oil.

Agree to disagree

Examples of opposite words:

  • If she thinks she's right, she'd do itto agreewith him.
  • He is tolerant of those whohave different opinionswith him.

Kill a living

  • It was a serious accident - they were luckyalive.
  • Two men were shotdoTerrorist.


  • Are youUnpleasantHer task?
  • But we saw a few housesIt isWe really liked it.

Allow - forbidden

  • My parents wouldn't do thatallowTo go to a party.
  • They wereverbotenleaving home for punishment.

Allied - the enemy

Examples of antons:

  • Ridley was one of the closest queensallies.
  • He is accused of collaborating withFoe.

Alone together

  • she livesonly.
  • We really enjoyed the worktogether.

Always never

  • imamconstantlyI wanted to go to Paris.
  • He isneverWas in Australia.

Amateur professional

  • Mickelson won his first big golf tournament while he still had itAmateur.
  • You need oneSpecialistTo get your finances in a row.

ENTERTAIN —— boring


  • He was making funny facesto entertainChildren.
  • His blue eyes seemed to do soborenin it.

Old - modern

  • So, according to history, it is most often foundaltTimes, and so it is to this day.
  • You are the youngest kids inmodernSometimes charged with murder.

To irritate - to calm down

  • Thenboringhim with his stupid questions.
  • She closed the cup of teacalmYour nerves.

Answer the question

Examples of opposite words:

  • Shortansweris that it cannot.
  • You asked me pretty hardAskAbout my work.

Allegedly - Darkness

  • The difference in quality was immediately recognizableobvious.
  • I really liked her lectureopposition.

Arrival - Ga

  • IsarrivedAs usual.
  • My baby is up like meleavesoba.

Arrival Departure

Examples of contradictions:

  • When the plane gets a plane?arrivein New York?
  • Flights with Air EuropeleaveGatwick on Tuesday.

Arrogant - humble

  • He was unbearablearrogant.
  • Taylor's students describe him asmodestAnd a humble man.

Rise down descending

Examples of antons:

  • Airplaneroosquickly.
  • Our plane started flyingvalley.

Question answer

  • We have toaskShow someone's path to the train station.
  • I repeated the question, but she did not do thatanswer.

Question - Say

  • andaskedhim where he lived.
  • Jack had to leave, but he didn'ttellme why.

Attack - defense

  • There were severalFor attackRecently on foreigners.
  • We have todefendAgainst military aggression.

Attractive - a reflective

  • she isattractiveFrau.
  • WhodisgustingMann!

Awake —— Slept


  • Was only halfto make awareWhen I brought her a cup of coffee.
  • Kelly Warasleepon the couch.

Awkward - graceful

  • May seem stiff and maybeunpleasant.
  • Her father was a quiet mangracefulManners.

Opposites/antonyms (b)

List of opposite words starting with B with examples.

Rear - front

  • I found some old photos thereyieldDraftsman.
  • There is a gardenin frontfrom the house.


  • i have somethingbadNews for you.
  • Train service is not badColon.

Naked - covered

  • The room was completeGoalExcept for the bed on the wall.
  • The walls werecoveredWith photos.

Pretty ugly


  • The bride lookedSchönIn this dress.
  • Was a small, short -slab,uglyAnd extremely bulky.

Before after

  • I saw her for a few daysForShe passed away.
  • I go swimming every dayalreadywork.

Beginning - End

Examples of antons:

  • Third studentsStartThe study of the classic Chinese language.
  • LoudspeakercompletedSuggesting some topics of discussion.

Start - conclusion

  • Contains a short poemStartEvery chapter.
  • UDiplomaLittle progress was made during the meeting.

Behind —— in front

  • I turned to speak to a residentbehindMich.
  • She spends the whole daySit down in fronther computer.

pretty worst

  • He wonif possibleActor Award.
  • This is the worst recession in fifty years.



  • There must be onebetterway to do it.
  • There were violencegorewhen we expected.

Big little one

  • They belong to a rich man who lived inbigThe white house over there under the trees.
  • Was pretty oldseveralMann and his head were long and completely bald.

Birth - Death

  • Where did your date come frombirth?
  • Cancer is the most common causeTodIn women.


  • Black coffee leaves onebitterThe taste in the mouth.
  • As well as this teacute.

Black and white

  • Matthew was dickBlackHair, but Natalies was blonde.
  • His face isWeiss, and it seems very weak.

Guilt - praise

  • Marie stillDugThey are alone because of Patrick's death.
  • Majorpraisedrescue teams for their courage.

A blessing - a curse

Examples of antons:

  • GoodblessCivil!
  • ELSAdamnedherself because she believed his lies.

sting sharp

  • Sharp of youtupMesser.
  • Check if you use gooda jokeMesser.

Body soul

  • YourBodyThe temperature is higher during the day than at night.
  • Deep inside it was smoldering the feeling of discomfortGoal.

Brave - shy

  • My aunt was oneclearA determined woman.
  • I was oneashamedFriendly.

Boring interesting

  • I shockedpigThe day I knew I'd be coming back to an empty apartment when Betsy went to Los Angeles for the week.
  • Dr Bell told me a lot about thatinterestingThings about his work.


Examples of contradiction:

(Video) What Humans Will Look Like In 1,000 Years

  • I was waiting for itlower sideFrom the mountain.
  • She continuedThe topstairs.

Unlimited - limited

  • There are many options for managers todaylimitless, but also challenges.
  • My knowledge of the company islimited.

Young girl

  • FromboysWild football.
  • Mollie I have known since my ownA girl.

Dapper - Laf

  • It wasbravelyTo speak for all these people.
  • He was veryFeigeBecause he didn't tell this truth.

Break - Repair

  • I had topauseWindow to enter the house.
  • Was too late for thatrepairShame on their relationship.

Short long

  • We stopped at Alice's house one at a timeA bumpto visit.
  • He wentlongaTime.

Bright - boring

Examples of antons:

  • It was timedamn itand sunny.
  • Out of time it was thick andpig.

Make lighter - faded

  • Morning sunilluminatedUp in the room.
  • The sun was shiningpalecurtains.

Bring - to remove

  • Robert asked the waiter about ittakeHe is a check.
  • Reference works may not existDeletedFrom the library.

brother sister

  • My younger, my young personBratis a doctor.
  • my olderGrownIs a nurse.

Printing - inactive

Examples of opposite words:

  • Mr. Hans IstbusyCurrently with a buyer.
  • The workers wereinactiveIn the past six months.

Buy Sell

  • The money has been usedacquireSchool equipment.
  • If they offer him another hundred, I think he will do itsell.

Suprocity/Antoni (c)

List of opposite words starting with C with examples.

Quiet - windy

  • It isCalmTo mark.
  • It's closedwindyFor a picnic.

Capable - unable

  • All employees in the nursing home worked verysuitable.
  • He lookedis not capable ofto understand how she felt.

Trapped - free

  • His son was kidnappedcaughtduring a raid.
  • He knew it could befreiin just three years.

Recording - playback

  • It was a robberycaughtAbout the police on cameras.
  • Police later arrested several menApproved.

Carefully careless

  • He was verycarefullyWith coffee so he doesn't spill it.
  • He isrecklessWith glasses and lost three pairs.

Carefree - carefree

Examples of antons:

  • basementReservedPredictions for the success of the program.
  • It wasrecklessFrom him to leave the door open.

Middle edge

  • His goal is to make Stanford oneCenterfor environmental policy.
  • Billy sat on itRandout of bed.

Change - Stay

  • Susan hatchangedA long time since I last saw her.
  • Despite losing Parker's jobRemainingas a manager.

Cheap expensive


  • is ownedcheaperIn Spain here.
  • Gasoline becomes more and moreduration.

Happy sad

  • She feels moreIt is calledToday.
  • I wassadAbout the friends I left.

Child - adult

Examples of antons:

  • I was very happy thenFriendly.
  • Some children find it difficult to talk to themAdult.

Cool to - warm

  • Despitecool downShe wore a thin cotton dress in the autumn afternoon.
  • I hope we get somethingwarmQuick again.

Cleans dirty

  • As always, she left her roomKaurand tidy for school.
  • She walked around the bedroom and got busyscrewsApparel.

Smart - stupid

  • Lucy is the fifthslimAnd she's good at school.
  • That was oneflourishingSomething to say.

Slim home

  • she isslimA girl.
  • I was young andflourishingin that time.



  • Do you mind if I do that?ClosedWindow?
  • DHR.ChenopenCar door for his wife.

Hladno vruće

  • Let's get out of thisinvitedWind.
  • Were served in dry zucchiniIt is calledTea made of ground leaves of what Bordeaux mentions lips.

Combine - divorce

Examples of antons:

  • Have some factorscombinedcreate this difficult situation.
  • These members were suffering from infectious diseasesdivorcedother patients.

Comfort - the inconvenience

  • All our sneakers are designed for thisComfortand performance.
  • There can be no questions from herlagana bol.

Complete - incomplete

  • Work on the new building is inevitablecompletely.
  • Unfortunately, this information is not available to me as our records are availableincomplete.

Complex - simple

Examples of opposite words:

  • It was veryComplexThe relationship between two complex people.
  • I'm sure there is a perfect onePlainExplanation.

compliment - an insult

  • Compared to ABBA it's greatcompliment.
  • His comments were seen asInsultto the chairman.

Hide - discover


  • She triedhideThe fact that she was pregnant.
  • It can be processeddetectionSecrets about the security body.

Next - break

  • SheilacontinuationWork after the birth of a child.
  • My study wasabortBecause of the war.

Cold warm

  • The evening sky wasCool.
  • I hope we get somethingwarmQuick again.

Copy —— Original

Examples of antons:

  • We have sixcopiesgive a movie.
  • He copied from famous artists and spent them asOriginal.

Really wrong

  • If my budgets arecorrect, We are ten miles from Exeter.
  • The information you gave us wereinaccurately.

Really wrong

  • You arerectify, Missouri is the longest river in the United States.
  • Your calculations should beinaccurately.

compatriot - stranger


  • Didn't look like a peasant but looked like a peasantCountryman.
  • Tom felt like people were suspicious of him because he was like thatStranger.

Courage – cowardice

  • Suus looked greatMutaDuring his illness.
  • She was ashamedcowardice.

Crazy - reasonable

  • The neighbors think we arelud.
  • Of course he's not crazy, that's how he isreasonablelike you or me

To create —— destroyed

Examples of antons:

  • A new factory is expectedto createMore than 400 new jobs.
  • ScandaldestroyedSimmons and ended his political career.

Wreed - species

  • The prisoner was heavyterriblyMann.
  • She is veryArtAnd a generous person.

Customer supplier

Examples of opposite words:

  • Our aim is to provide value for money and good service to all our customersBuyers.
  • You need to be able to face customers and buyersPoluga.

Antonimi (Contradictions) List - SL.2

More than 300 contrasts (antons) from A to W with great examples (2)Inflexible

Contradictions / Anthonimi (D)

List of opposite words starting with D examples.

Too bad - - improvement

  • Smoking can be seriousInjuryYour health.
  • Doctors say it isimprove.

Dunkel hell

  • She almost met one at the kitchen doordarkform.
  • With his small physical idamn itHis eyes always reminded her of some kind of elf.

Dark light


  • The church wasdarkStyle.
  • The kitchen wasCheerfulAnd spacious.

Dawn - sunset

  • Hope held hertwilightAnd in the early morning.
  • Lovers used to walk hand in hand heresunset.

Daytime - midnight

  • I can't sleep in ittime of day.
  • We stayed there until long afterapparently.

Deeply shallow


  • The castle is located on an island surrounded by onedipSee.
  • The lake is quite overallsuperficial.


  • andaskKnow what's going on.
  • SneakDeliveredPolice with the names of people involved in crime.

Despair - hope

  • She committed suicidedespair.
  • When I first arrived in New York I was fullHoopfor the future.

Strong light

  • The exam was badheavy.
  • The task will be completedPlain.

Dark –— Whole

Examples of opposite words:

  • Isaac was old, and his eyes were oldslab.
  • Your eyes hurtdamn itRelief.

Discourage - encourage

  • My father is a lawyer and hediscouragedI from entering the field.
  • I want to thank everyone who did thisencouragedand supported me.

Doctor - patient

Examples of antons:

  • She was treated by the localsof art.
  • At St.Dominic is treated about 10,000Patientyear.

Doubt - trust

  • Rate incidentDoubtabout nuclear energy safety.
  • You should not accommodate yourBelieveIn such a man.

Down --

  • Stock prices continued their coursedownTrend.
  • Put the cream in the skin in oneupwardsDirection.

Drunk sober

  • David would windrunkAnd I should take him home and bring him to bed.
  • He is a good guy likesober.

Dry moisture


  • The air wasdryAnd hot as if in a sauna.
  • Deidre flung the door open, ignoring her stabnasThe hair on her shoulders.

Dawn dawn

  • The street lights go outtwilight.
  • The boats remained fortwilight.

Opposites/Antonyms (E)

List of opposite words starting with E with examples.

beginning end

  • The bus was ten minuteswater.
  • It's been half an hourlate.

Earth - air

Examples of antons:

  • They saw the dragon fallEarth.
  • There wasn't even a cloud in itHemel.

source west

  • He turned and went toEast.
  • From there, a wet wind was blowingWest.

A little difficult

  • The test wasPlain.
  • You have to do somethingheartDecisions.

Effective - ineffective


  • Training is often much smallerEffectiveIt was expected then.
  • The chemical fabric is almost completely goneinefficientwhile killing weeds.

Basic - advanced

  • You have done a lotelementaryWrong.
  • She learnsprogressivePhysics.

Employee of the employer

  • You are very goodEmployer.
  • The company has more than 500Staff.


Examples of opposite words:

  • The fuel tank is almost emptyduration.
  • The kitchen wasvolVan Rauch.

Entrance exit


  • It got quiet when I was aloneimportsoba.
  • andvanthrough the side window.

evening morning

  • I spend most of my studies inParalyzed.
  • I do not feel wellMorning.


Examples of antons:

(Video) Greater Than Less Than Song for Kids | Comparing Numbers to 1000

  • There are too manydiabolicalin the world.
  • I learn to perceive life as a moral struggle from a titanic betweenColonAnd angry.

Excited - bored

  • That's rightwhistlesLet's go to New York.
  • After a while I got itboringand left.

Adem dispatched, adem

  • Leaned back andExpatmetdip.
  • She closed her eyes andinhabiteddip.

Extension - contract

  • The latter were tortured to the ground in 1890, and the city was allowed to do soexpandIn that direction.
  • All leeches are very extensive and canContractBody in a poly, peria -sharp - shape or expanding into a long and worm-like shape.

Expand - reduce

Examples of opposite words:

  • The hotel wantsexpandhis business through the extension of the swimming pool.
  • Company employees hadhe gatheredUp to four people only.

Export import

  • It was Italian foodderivedaround the world.
  • MiimportColombian coffee.


Examples of antons:

  • The dome was pavedExternal.
  • FromInteriorThere was dark in the church.

Outside inside

  • AexternalThe accountant checks the accounts.
  • Some photosinternEvidence that can help you determine them.

Contradictions/Antonyms (F)

List of opposite words starting with F with examples.

Feit - fiction

  • Much of the novel is based on thisfact.
  • Anthony's first books were historicalFiction.

False real


  • The defense said that the photos that werenep.
  • She never saw himRealLive elephant.

to get up

  • Inflation waskilled.
  • sellRoosWith 20% during the Christmas season.

Known - unknown

  • A lots offamiliarPeople were staying at the hotel.
  • AUnknownThe number of people killed.

Modni - stari - formulani

  • He looked about the same age as her and his blond hair was neatly combed into aStylishStyle.
  • Many of the houses, especially on Danforth and Congress streets, are simple in style andantiquein architecture.

Fast slow


  • it's mequicklyLerner.
  • The wound wasslowlycured.

dik dun

  • You will getfetIf you eat all this chocolate.
  • He was big anddun, with short brown hair.

Dik dun

  • He looks a lotfatterThen on his photo.
  • Some super models are also far from itdun.

Weak strong

Examples of antons:

  • She was tooslabLeave your room.
  • Laura had oneMrgodanLik.

A little much

  • A team that worksleastUsually the victory of the error.
  • A lots ofPeople have to use a car to travel to work.

Search - - Losing

  • 'That.I couldn't do thatfindBetter friend than Alex, can I do that?"she said.
  • I did not wantloseYou, but I didn't want you to be unhappy as a mother.

Company - Vlabal

Examples of opposite words:

  • Couch cushions are reasonableSociety.
  • It was a young man, tall, but quite tallsingmuscular.

First last


  • FromFirstWhen I entered the plane, I was very nervous.
  • I haven't seen it since thenlastGet to know each other.

Sail —— sink

  • I wasn't sure if it would do it smoothlyfloat.
  • Their motorboat hit a rock and began to sailSink.

under - ceiling

  • We are in seventh placeBodenoutside the building.
  • The house has two rooms with highCover.

gift - change


  • It would beflourishingIgnore his advice.
  • I think it was youbreak throughleave when you do it.

Forget to remember

  • What happened that day will never happen againForget.
  • andremindI met her once at a party.

Forgotten - unforgivable

  • He was lightforgivingWrong.
  • Patrick cheated on her and that was thatneoprostiv.

Sorry - guilt


  • I triedForgivehim for what he said.
  • ReportDugPoor accident safety standards.

Luck - bad luck

  • I washappyFind a career I love.
  • Has oneunfortunatelyThe habit of staying.

Back and forth

  • He refusedin front, elbows rested on the table.
  • She left withoutbackwardsclose up.

Free - limited

Examples of opposite words:

  • Animals are allowed to runfreiI park
  • It's hard to try to work in onelimitedSoba.

Freeze - - Boil

Examples of antons:

  • I have water pipesfrozen.
  • We were informed about itKokDrinking water.

Fresh -old

  • It is beansfrischFrom the garden.
  • Baguette radiMuffvery fast.

friend enemy


  • Don't worry, you are part of thatFriends.
  • Cats and dogs were always of courseEnemies.

Frying - a smile

  • ThenDisagreeWhen she read the letter.
  • Highlight the message and read the message andhe smiledFor themselves.

Funny sad

  • Remember which one?lustigStories about work?
  • Dad lookedsadAnd worried when he read the letter.

List of antonyms (opposites) - picture 3

More than 300 contrasts (antons) from A to W with great examples (3)Inflexible

Contradictions / Anthony (G)

List of opposite words starting with G with examples.

Generous - stingy

  • It's always badgenerousChildren.
  • And she'sstingyAdd money to charity.

Gentle - rough


  • Artur was an ergplace, a caring person.
  • Rugby is the fifthrauhSport.

Div - small

  • hugeCabbage was growing in the garden.
  • You just need to use onekleinamount of salt.

Give - to receive

Examples of opposite words:

  • I have some old diaries of my grandmotherto chatterme many years ago.
  • All children will do thisreceivedMali dar.


Examples of antons:

  • Sell ​​new carsEVENTWith 10% last year.
  • We want to grow the business, right?be reducedEs.

Guilty is not guilty

  • I feel realguiltyforget your birthday again.
  • No one would believe it was menevin.

Opposites/antonyms (H)

A list of opposite words that start with h with examples.

Harmful - harmless

  • Scientists generally agree that most diets don't work, but this one canharmful.
  • Her brother is a little simple but he is calmharmless.

Heart - mild

  • Canadian winter is badcruel.
  • We had an exceptional onepicturesqueWinter last year.

He she

Examples of opposite words:

  • It wasHAnd who first proposed the idea.
  • I saw you talking to that girl who isthen?


  • I was always perfecthealthyso far.
  • Maria can't come in today because she issick.


Examples of antons:

  • He believed that he and his wife would one day be together againHemel.
  • She must have surviveddamn itEvery day we teased her with our weight.

Now and then

  • what are you doingHere?
  • We can go back to my cabin and have lunchThere.

Closed - coward

  • Dared to speak against injustice and became a citizen from one day to anotherheld.
  • Maybe I should have turned but I didn't want to be known as a person who gives upCoward.

High low


  • The camp was surrounded by ato cryFence.
  • The sun waslowin paradise.

Hungry - Sit

  • If you gethungryThere is a cold chicken in the refrigerator.
  • I ate the chocolate cake, so I wasvol.

A man's man

  • Mr. Nicholls was goodHusband.
  • He came with a young woman for a year and then returned when she waswoman.

Contradictions/Antonyms (i)

A list of opposite words that begin with examples.

Identical - friends

  • There were sistersidenticalappearance and character.
  • Your appearance and character areAnders.

Ignite —— Delete

  • Candlelit itplastic.
  • Firefighters were calledshut downfire.

Ignorant - educated

Examples of antons:

  • He isunconsciouslyabout modern technology.
  • The boy came from a good home, it went welllearnedAnd he had all the advantages.

Important unimportant

  • happiness is moreimportantlike money.
  • The exact details areunimportant.

Important - trivial

  • Nothing can be anymoreimportantFor me as my family.
  • For most we were punishedtrivialCrimes.


Examples of antons:

  • He took us for a rideUHis new car.
  • Charlotte went to the window and looked atvan.

increase decrease

  • Populationraiseddramatically in the first half of the century.
  • The number of people who have the diseasereducedIt is clear in recent years.


Examples of opposite words:

  • Those jewels were locked awayfrom the insidesef.
  • I'll meet youExternalTheater at two o'clock.


  • I found a very good driving experienceLehrer.
  • The new law reduces the numberPupilsPer class in the first four school years.

Contradictions / Anthony (J)

A list of opposites that start with J with examples.

Joy - sadness

  • I was jumping in the air withJoy.
  • Charles was overwhelmedgrieving.

Younger older


  • She started her job asYoungerJournalist of local newspaper.
  • He isSeniorManager at Volkswagen.

The truth is not true

  • Children have a strong sense ofrighteousness.
  • The movie is oInjusticesuffered from the American indigenous population.

Contradictions / Anthony (L)

A list of opposite words that start with l examples.


  • Newspapers negotiate with their ownHolderLower his rent.
  • They persecuted their ownTenantDue to non-payment of rent.


  • Los Angeles is secondlargestcity ​​in the United States.
  • The shirt was also thereKleinfor him.

laugh cry

  • andlaughterin his ignorance.
  • She startedscreamShe could no longer deny what she knew deep down: she would never bring her life back.

Law - illegal


  • The police cannot interfere with lawful protests
  • The jury returned a verdict of unlawful killing.

Lazy diligent

  • He also felthisstand up.
  • she isdiligentStudent.


  • He also felthisstand up.
  • Most of the students I knew at university are serious anddiligent.

Go - stay

  • My baby is up like meleavesoba.
  • I decidedstayheim.


(Video) Why is there more than 200 A worth of breakers inside of a 200 amp panel?!

  • What the company has done is perfectlegal.
  • You were onillegalActivities.

Lightly - difficult

Examples of antons:

  • Respondents at the school say that the assessment has become morecompliantIn the last few years.
  • This company is badstrictlyAbout accuracy.

How - not out of

  • Not meHowThat when you get angry.
  • andrepulsionare in the center of attention.

Live - - die

  • We did thatlivein London.
  • Her husbanddiedSuddenly last week.


  • I can't open this drawerlock up.
  • andunlockedI opened the apartment door and found that my wife was still awake.

Long short

Examples of antons:

  • He stretched out hislongaLegs.
  • I was alone in Brisbane aKurzTime.

Long short

  • I haven't in a whilelongawhile.
  • I was alone in Brisbane akurzTime.

Cabinet - fun

  • I feel very uncomfortable because of thatloseshirt.
  • My shoes were like thatand withThat I could barely walk.

Loud quiet


  • The music was like thatZeethat I had to scream.
  • We have to beCalmTo prevent the child from waking up.


  • Every motherlovedtheir children.
  • ThenhateMake mistakes.

Loyaal - nelojalan

  • The army remainedfidelityto the government.
  • He felt like he wasunfaithfulTo my friends.

Contradictions/antonyms (m)

List of contradictionsWords that start with mWith examples.

Major – minor

  • It's theresignificantThe problem with parking in London.
  • We made someirrelevantChanges in the program.

A man's man


  • All the attackers weremale, at the age of 25 and 30.
  • There must be two candidateswoman.

A man's man

  • He is very niceMann.
  • ThatFrauWhen you are pregnant, the hormone levels in your body change.

Marriage - Divorce

  • No one wanted a dying girl, especially if she refusedmarryrub.
  • I would likepartingher husband.

Ripe - unripe

Examples of antons:

  • Laura is badthe tiresFor your age.
  • He forgave his sonimmatureTo behave.

Maximum minimum

  • The car has onemaximumSpeed ​​of 120 miles per hour.
  • FromMinimumThe number of students we have to follow is fifteen.

Melt —— freeze

  • It was warmer now and the snow started to thickenMelt.
  • Lakefrozennight.

Happy sad

  • He marched and whistledhappyA song.
  • Lilly FeltsadChristmas was over.

GEAZALS - Rasipnik


  • Everyone said Mr. Henny was oneWheatwho had thousands of pounds hidden under his bed.
  • She wasn't at allWaste water, but somehow all the money just disappeared.

Most - at least

  • She is one of themmostExperienced teachers in the district.
  • He's mineat leastfavorite employee.

Opposites/Antonyms (N)

List of opposite words starting with n exam.

Rare - Zenit

  • The depression reached its low point by 1932.
  • Around 100 AD, the Roman Empire reached its peak.

Dun pasmina

Examples of antons:

  • The stairs were badand with.
  • The room is three meters long and two metersspecies.

Angry - fun

  • I went to school with him - he wasTheirthen and now it's bad.
  • You see them seeVeryin this suit.

Evil - pleasant

  • Drivers often have itTheirThe habit of driving too close to cyclists.
  • The restaurant was big andnice.

Of course —— Artificially

  • My hair soon grew again like itsnaturallyColor.
  • A job interview is a very artificial situation.

Near far

Examples of antons:

  • She told the children not to govery closechannel.
  • Notvenaat the beach.

Thanks - away

  • They moved home to becloserschool.
  • The house is somethingdistanceFrom the street to the street.

Neatly messy

  • His clothes always wereKaurAnd clean.
  • The place is like thatchaoticI didn't have time to clarify.

Negative positive

  • My alcohol consumption started to decreaseNegativeImpact on my work.
  • She really has onepositiveLifestyle.

no no

  • Are theyBreathetold him to go for a walk and get lost in the crowd.
  • When they approached the next teenager, she nodded to herIt is.

Night day

Examples of antons:

  • I didn't sleep well last night.
  • He leaves his house only during the day.

Loud quiet


  • The children were realZeeToday.
  • I didn't know about it, so I kept itCalm.

Loud quiet

  • Bar was very veryZee.
  • She keptmoreforcing Buchanan to continue.

None - some

  • I wish I could offer you a cake but there isIt isLinks.
  • Many local companies are fighting andsomeeven bankrupt.

Afternoon/afternoon - midnight

  • We met at 12 o'clockafternoon(I like it).
  • We stayed there until long afterapparently.



  • Cheshunt is a few miles upNordenfrom Londona.
  • Gatwick Airport is just a few miles awayMilkfrom Londona.

Note - ignore

  • IsnoticedA woman in a black dress sitting opposite him.
  • You can notignoreThe fact that many criminals never go to prison.

Now so

  • BisIt is, Doctors can do very little to treat this disease.
  • The results will be sent next week, so we won't know by thenI.

List Antone (opposites) - Fig. 4

More than 300 contrasts (antons) from A to W with great examples (4)Inflexible

Suprocity/Antoni (o)

A list of oppositesWords that start with OWith examples.

Obedience - disobedience

  • My son is oneobedienceFriendly.
  • He is a pleasant child, but often louddisobedienceAnd rude to Druge.


  • Some houses are very herealt.
  • You just moved in with herneuheim.

Old young

Examples of antons:

  • FromaltThe man was on the pillows.
  • And you alsojongmarry. Young trees.

I of

  • TelevisionA, but no one seems to be looking.
  • Anyone want to replace the radio?van?

Open the closure


  • Isopenbureaucracy.
  • EllenCloseWindow.

Opposite: the same

  • I thought the medicine would put it on to put him on, but he drankOppositeRepercussions.
  • They are goneThisSchool.

Optimist pessimist

  • Bankers are carefuloptimisticabout the economic future of the country.
  • He remains deeppessimisticAbout the peace process.

above below

  • She leaned forwardabovedesk for answering the phone.
  • Wendy hid the boxunderHer bed.

Opposites/antonyms (P)

A list of opposites that start with P with examples.

part —— whole

  • ShareMost of the building was destroyed by fire.
  • Fromratherthe country mourned her death.

to pass - - to fall

Examples of antons:

  • ThenfilesWith the best features.
  • He hasfailureHis driving test.

The patient is impatient

  • You'll just have to bepatientAnd wait to cover.
  • We are growingimpatientwith a lack of results.

Permanent - - temporary


  • He gave upcontinuationThe business of being a freelancer.
  • Maybe you should think about itin the meantimeWork until you decide what you want to do.

Profusely - sparsely

  • Tomatoes are tomatoes during the summerabundantAnd cheap.
  • Food was oftenscarcein winter.

plural singular

  • "Sheep" remains the samePlural.
  • FromSingular"Bacteria" is "bacteria".

Polite rude


  • We left the party as soon as the time camedecentDo this.
  • I didn't want to berude, but I had to leave early.

Polite, rude

  • Notdecenttalk with your mouth full.
  • It isrudeDon't eat what is served to you at dinner.

Maybe impossible

Examples of antons:

  • Computer technology doing thispossibleThat many people work from home.
  • Members with young children often thought soimpossibleParticipate in evening events.

Poverty - wealth

  • We need an effective battle strategyPoverty.
  • The purpose of the industry must be createdActiva.

Poverty - wealth

  • Millions of older people livePoverty.
  • He enjoyed a new victorywealth.

Powerful - weak

  • He was one of the greatestpowerfulMen in Bohemia.
  • The state is in oneslabEconomic position.

Praise & criticism

  • Her teacher was full of itlawFor your work.
  • My headcriticismThe most important advantage of the system is that it does not help families with small incomes.

Before after


  • As usual, the government seems to have forgotten most ofForPre -election promise.
  • The share price is shot from the very beginningAlreadycollision depth.

Predator - prey

  • Some animals have no naturalpredators.
  • De leeuw often follows the beingspoilfor hours.

Pretty ugly

  • She still looksverypoor.
  • Nick's dog is likeuglyAs a sin.

private audience

  • They are therePrivateProperty ownership in the market economy.
  • We don't think he's right for itpublicUred.

Careful - careless

Examples of antons:

  • It could becarefullyTo get a virus detector for the network.
  • Banks made hundreds thereunnoticedLoams in the 1970s.

Pure - impure

  • Our beef pasta is 100%curb.
  • Some of these drugs are highimpure.



  • I promisedPressHim on the swing as much as he wanted.
  • ThendrawnOpen the door and rush inside.

Turn on - take off

  • He took out his uniform andaffectSweater and pants.
  • Charlie ratliftHis shirt when the phone rang.

Contradictions/Antonyms (R)

A list of oppositesWords that start with RWith examples.

Fast slow

  • The patient made onequicklyRecreation.
  • The car was driven at a very high speedslowlySpeed ​​up.

Rarely - often

  • This is badrarelyMiss the day at school for them.
  • Bad dreams are fairtogetherAmong the children.

Really fake

  • She never saw herRealLive elephant.
  • He isnepDesigner clothes.

Regularly irregularly

Examples of antons:

  • The company lovesnormalMeeting with employees.
  • He gets medication for oneirregularlyHeartbeat.

Relevant - Irrelevant

  • We got everythingrelevantInformation.
  • We concentrate too much on itirrelevantdetails.

rich poor

(Video) Battles BC: Judgement Day at Marathon (S1, E8) | Full Episode

  • Nobody winsRichas of today's writing.
  • They werehandbuy shoes for children.

Right left

Examples of antons:

  • Had a knife in hisTo the rightHand.
  • She kept them for herselftiesHand.

Really wrong

  • I think youTo the right.We should have left earlier.
  • Your calculations should beinaccurately.

Risky - safe

  • Doctors say it's the sameriskytry and use.
  • I think thatSafeI can say that the future looks pretty bright.

Rude - polite

  • I didn't want to berude, but I had to leave early.
  • Employees are alwaysdecentAnd useful.


A list of opposite words that start with examples.


  • I wassadAbout the friends I left.
  • There was onehappya child who rarely cried.

Probably dangerously


  • Flying is one of themthe safestforms of travel.
  • The company is in itdangerouslya monetary state.

Satisfied - dissatisfied

  • You have a lotsatisfiedBuyers.
  • how did youdissatisfiedReturn it with this product.

Used - New

  • I know where he bought onerequiredA bike.
  • I bought a used video camera for £300 - it would have cost £1000 if I bought itneu.

Safe - uncertain

Examples of antons:

  • we want oneSafeThe future for our children.
  • Felt lonely anduncertainAway from his family.


  • They are hidden because such taxes are usually delayedSellerConsumers due to higher product prices.
  • We were unable to find anyThe customerIn front of our house, so we couldn't move.

Servant - Master

  • Are theyknechtI hurry to finish everything, build a fire and heat the water for the bathrooms and prepare food.
  • Bill Ritchie I'm nakedMeisterof these techniques originally learning them from Lawrence.

Scream - whisper

  • Men on the wall focused their weapons on themscreamAnd the remaining persecutor caught her.
  • He wanted to hear herTopnutiHis name by love with full lips over his face and a fluttering soft pillow while she had the second night.

Just hard

  • Modern cameras are badPlainuse.
  • You have to do somethingin the lidDecisions.

Single married

  • Changes in tax rates will benefit from thiseinzelPeople the most.
  • MarriedMen earn 70 percent more than single men.


  • Why notsitLie back and relax and I'll bring you a piece of cake.
  • andShoelHe can't do anything there!

a slave driver


  • These areas must be developed, so entrepreneurs invest in investments: the capital that is built from itrobShop, sugar and cotton.
  • Later that evening, Joseph arrived, an employee of Heathcliff and asked to be speakingMeister.

Sleep - wake up

  • me usuallysleepon my back.
  • Usually jacobusAwakeWater.


  • The shirt was also thereKleinfor him.
  • The garage is notlargeEnough for two cars.

Slim home

Examples of antons:

  • FromslimChildren get good grades and go to university.
  • I can't believe Kate did thatflourishingEnough to participate.

smooth rough

  • Your skin feelsplacecool.
  • Your hands wererauhhard work.

Sweet sour

  • The milk turnedsauder.
  • That's tea toosweet.

sow to reap

  • The fields around him weresownWith wheat.
  • Some predicted that this would be the caserapehigher yields and profits while protecting the soil.

Speed ​​up - slow down

  • Truckacceleratedgo down the hill.
  • Sales growth increasedslowed down.

Spent - save

  • Mom notchargeHe has no money for himself.
  • He did itSave on your computerEnough to buy a small house.

started to end


  • There is so much to do that I don't know where to goStart.
  • You can't go anywhere until you docompletelyHer homework.

go to stop

  • I was afraid that people from the insurance would make itfusesWe at the gate.
  • filthhad gonein the kitchen.

On the right - a crumb

Examples of antons:

  • She was watchingdirectlywith me.
  • His lips twitched in onewrongsmile.

Strengthen weaken

  • The team wasstrongerwith the arrival of two new players.
  • have policy changesdamagedSnaga sindikata.

Stress - is empty

  • My headache is causedsympathize.
  • A warm bath should helprelaxedKombi.

Strict - forgiving

  • This company is badstrictlyAbout accuracy.
  • Respondents at the school say that the assessment has become morecompliantIn the last few years.

Strongly weak

  • He picked her up in his bigMrgodanWaffle.
  • And she'sslabFeed.

Success - failure


  • The experiment was bigSuccess.
  • I always felt a little like thatFailurein school.


  • I hope they willsunnymorning.
  • It will be ready tomorrowcloudycool.

synonym —— antonym

  • "Closed" is one thingSynonymsfrom "closed".
  • "Old" has two possibilitiesAntonyms. You are "young" and "new".

Opposites/antonyms (t)

A list of opposite words that start with T examples.


  • She's a littlemorelike her sister.
  • He's a littlean apartmentlike me.

There - wild

  • The bird became like thistamethat it is impossible to bring him back to the wild.
  • In my opinion,wildAnimals should not be stored in zoos.

Learn the lesson

Examples of antons:

  • IsenterGeography in local high school.
  • andlearnedDriving when I was 17.

Terrible - great

  • Their son was injured inwrittenAccident.
  • We hadbeautifulTime in Spain.


  • Your troughDickglasses.
  • She carries only onedunSummer jacket.


  • IsthrowHis shirt to someone in the crowd.
  • Stephen jumped andcaughtball in one hand.

Bind - release

  • I kept all his lettersTo be attached toTogether with the band.
  • Peterdisconnectedhis laces.

Tolerant – Intolerant

Examples of antons:

  • My parents weretolerantFrom my music selection.
  • Numerous patients werebigotedfood.

Difficult - easy

  • Journalists asked a lotheartAsk.
  • It would bePlainto lose the team.

Firm - gentle

  • There was meatin the lidAnd hard to chew.
  • Continue cooking until the meat is cookedTetrix.

Posted - unfolded

  • Kukca's wings are overtransparent.
  • The windows areneproziran, and the curtains you can see on the second floor are light gray.

Val - Los

Examples of antons:

  • PolicecaughtTerrorists at the roadblock.
  • ThenApprovedLast year, ten political prisoners.



  • Students decide whether these are explanationsWHEREOr wrong.
  • Decide whether the following statements are true or notINACCURATELY.

Opposites/Antoniemen (u)

List of opposite words starting with you with examples.

To understand - misunderstand

  • I canunderstandwhat the woman said.
  • mimisunderstandtheir intentions.

Unqualified - qualified

  • He was oneUnqualifiedfor business.
  • Dawn is finequalifiedfor your new role.

Uncertain - for sure

  • Many people feeluncertainGo for a walk alone at night.
  • She feelsSafeHome alone.

Up and down

  • We walked slowlyhochhill.
  • tears floweddownmy face.

Up and down

Examples of antons:

  • I walkedgoreAnd shower.
  • Charles Warunderin the kitchen.

Useful useless

  • Few Japanese can be realusable.
  • The doctor came to the conclusion that further treatment was requireduseless.

Suprocity/Antoni (V)

A list of opposite words that start on V with examples.

Empty —— Busy

  • There are only a few apartments leftuninhabited.
  • Only half of the rooms isbusyCurrently.

Unclear - definite

  • Governor gave only oneunclearAn overview of his tax plan.
  • It is impossible for me to give onepermanentlyanswer.

Disappear - appear

Examples of antons:

  • Public support for the Prime Minister has now increaseddisappeared.
  • She didn't do thatto appearcompletely surprised by the news.

Huge - small

  • The state will have to borrowlargeamounts of money.
  • She always felt onekleina little sad.

Horizontally vertical

  • There was oneverticalins More burnt welds.
  • I was so tired, I just wanted to be ithorizontal.

Defeat of victory

  • She is confidentSiegIn the finals on Saturday.
  • The world champion had only twoLosswith in 20 fights.

Virtue - virtue

Examples of antons:

  • Her many virtues are loyalty, courage and truth.
  • Jealousy is a vice.

Visible invisible

  • The outlines of the mountains were clearly recognizablevisible.
  • The house was surrounded by trees andinvisibleFrom the street to the street.

Contradictions / Anthony (W)

A list of oppositesWords that start on w-Y with examples.

peace of war

  • No one wants to start a professionKriegHere.
  • Earth is onFriedenFirst time in years with my neighbors.

Wide narrow

  • The boat was almost the samespeciesI like the channel.
  • It's a long timeand withStreet.


Examples of antons:

  • I think you willto winThe next choice.
  • They played so badly they deserved itlose.


  • The deceased prisoners were buriedfrom the insidePrison walls.
  • It isExternalI am afraid of my experience.

yes no

  • "Do you want a sandwich?"
  • U, Please. "
  • "Can you help me write it?"
  • Born, Sorry, I don't have time right now."

Antoni |Pictures

List of contradictions (list of antonyms) in English | Figure 1

More than 300 contrasts (antons) from A to W with great examples (5)Inflexible

Opposites (list of antonyms) in English | Photo 2

More than 300 contrasts (antons) from A to W with great examples (6)Inflexible

Opposites (list of antonyms) in English | photo 3

More than 300 contrasts (antons) from A to W with great examples (7)Inflexible

List of contradictions (list of antonyms) in English | Photo 4

More than 300 contrasts (antons) from A to W with great examples (8)Inflexible

Video with opposite words

Find out more than 120 used by Antone (contradiction) in English from A to Z with a video section for American pronunciation.

Learn 120+ regularlyContradictions (Antonimi) with video section for pronunciation.

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