List of 200 Directory Submission Sites 2023: (Free Dofollow Links) (2023)

List of 200 Directory Submission Sites 2023: (Free Dofollow Links) (1)

Directory submission pages are a great way to get your business website listed on Google and other search engines.

Not only will your website appear in directories, it will also drive traffic to your website. Today in this article I will show you how to add your website to directories and provide free websites.


  1. What is directory submission?
    • Benefits
  2. SEO Directory Submission
    • paid services
  3. directory delivery services
    • local directory submission
    • global directory service
  4. List of free directory submission sites
    • 200 Dofollow-Webverzeichnisse
  5. Tips for Submitting a Website to Directories
    • Category
    • niche directory
    • Google Maps
    • They design the Web
  6. Diploma
  7. Frequently Asked Questions About Directory Submission Sites

What is directory submission?

List of 200 Directory Submission Sites 2023: (Free Dofollow Links) (2)

Directory submission is a form of online marketing that you can use to promote your business or website. When you submit your website or business to a directory, you put yourself in front of millions of other people looking for the same type of information. There are many popular directories that businesses and individuals can use to get their name out there, including Google My Business, Yahoo! Local Marketing, Yellow Pages Plus (YPML), Canadian B2B directories and Business Builder Australia.


There are many benefits of directory submission including:

  • Your website will get a lot of attention on the internet and you will develop your brand.
  • You gain new leads and customers
  • Your website ranking will increase and attract more organic visitors.
  • Your website will get more backlinks from relevant and high ranking websites.
  • Directories can help you reach a wider audience through targeted traffic.

I have listed just a few of the important benefits of adding your website to directories, there are many more SEO related benefits, I will discuss them below.

directory submissionSEO

Webmasters all over the world use directory link building as part of their SEO strategy. I even wrote about off-page SEO.Link building methodand included directory submissions as a good strategy to increase website authority and rankings.

I've seen some blogs rank for this type of link building alone. Several agencies offer paid directory services such as local and global directories.

paid services

Some companies offer paid services to list your website in directories on a monthly or daily basis. They typically cost between $10 and $50 per directory, and companies like Fiverr and Upwork offer these services at a great price.

directory delivery services

local directory submission

Submitting to local directories will get your site listed on local ad pages where you pay to have your site listed under the terms of the agreement.

These sites contain over 5,000 local directory listings with information such as contact number, location and ages, as well as a link to the site to help your visitors find you more easily. They list you by category on their sites very quickly once you've paid the listing fees.

global directory service

If your business is targeting global visitors, you can use this service. This type of listing service is expensive, costing approx.$ 200 - $ 1000to list your site on the directory page.

By using these services, you can make your website appear faster in search results. People looking for a business directly related to a subcategory of yours will automatically find your site listed.

(Video) 50+ Dofollow Backlinks Directory Submission Sites List | Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites

By using this service you will receive

  • quality backlinks
  • Includes PA from another DA
  • niche level
  • Organic traffic to your website

When planning this type of service, provide your company with information such as:

  • web address
  • Logo
  • Email address
  • social media profile
  • Contact number

After providing your business details this information is added, service providers create a new page on the directory website and write detailed information about your business with all citations.

Free directory submissionSite-List

In this section, I will give you the list of free directory sites that you can submit in minutes, but when I was a novice blogger, it took me 7-8 days to find 100 directory sites on the Internet.

I know the pain and how long it will take to find legitimate sites.

These sides are highdomain authorityand contains a combination of high quality dofollow and nofollow backlinks.

All these links contain less spam scores, making your website safe from Google and other search engines, increasing your website and page rank.Traffic.

200 Dofollow-Webverzeichnisse

Yellow pages
About Us
discover the network
family sites
Web Welt
a mission
BusyBits web directory.
R-TT directory
World Site Index
live directory
Website Promotion Directory
turn left
SunSteam Research
ask the directory
Master Site
the best of the web
information directory
fairy tale directory
Golden Directory
google my business
Bing Places
Links in mass
insert network
Sootle Web directory
WoW Directory
You rated human.
sevenseek directory
Help Directory
most popular pages
global weblinks
network specialists
IT portal
rubber stamped
looking for a turtle
rot 10
it stands out
web experience
you are famous
Lighthouse Search Directory
a great directory
visual search
link pimp
directory world
Seekon web directory
smart shortcuts
view from the ground
best sides
exact search
LDM study
all websites
green stalk
shadow player
To point
Excellent direct guide.
Cas Candra
local sieve
Directory Search A1
really first
blue url
clear lead incl.
quick goblin
all business
quick directory
great web links
To jump
1 business directory link
All webmasters
start of directory
be happy
through the Internet
second reading
grid zoning
directory search
one way link
permanently listed
shark directory
a better connection
Add your website for free
blue daffodil
The best web directory
Rey Bloom
A look at the web directory
directory station
SEO friendly directory
Best business address.
directory reviews
mein Site-Guide
king of the directory
KJ nets
The Internet Directory
look inside
BDC Concepts
a directory of links
Free Inclusion
tenth gradehttp://www.décimoañ
lighting rate
king of the web
free website directory
Biz King Directory
geh ko mach
challenge directory
tom directory
common questions
link to us
ODD - One dollar dir

Above are some of the best directory submission sites and you will get an instant boost in your site rankings when you subscribe to the sites.

Tips for Submitting a Website to Directories


When submitting your site to the directory, the first thing you need to do is search for the exact category of your site. If you are not sure about the category selection, you can safely guess on other directory sites and proceed with the search options for that particular category. You can consult my article onhow to categorize a websiteto discover the category of your site.

For example, if you have a hotel website and you submit it to directories under the "hotel" category, those websites can reach people who are looking for a hotel, and they can click through to your website and book a table.

Tips:Search for a subcategory and submit your website to get more visitors (the hotel will also have room service, so search for the subcategory of room service and add your website)

niche directory

Niche Level Directory Submission is a unique service to submit your site to the highest ranked directories based on your site's niche, where you will be charged a fee to be listed.

The advantage of this type of listing is

  • Your website gains brand equity and business visibility
  • Your website will receive targeted traffic and there is a high probability that they will become your customers.
  • Quality backlinks give your site an SEO ranking.
  • Most of these directories are listed in the top ten for backlinks, so you will rank on the first page.

Google Maps

List of 200 Directory Submission Sites 2023: (Free Dofollow Links) (3)

If your website is targeting offline customers, chances are they are looking for your hotel address on a Google map on your website. And even if you have a good website, add Google Maps to your website.

When a user clicks on Google Maps on your website, the sitemap should appear immediately, because if people google your hotel address and it doesn't appear, it means the user can close the website and look for another hotel they are looking for .

you should readHow to add Google Maps to your websiteif you don't know how to do this

They design the Web

No matter how many users visit your site, without proper web design, no one will read your content.

(Video) 3000+ Directory Submission Sites List | HIGH DA & PA | SEO

The web design should contain all the information that users want to know about your online and offline business and what makes you unique in the market.

If your page only has a few pictures and shows your service details including plan and pricing, the visitor will simply close your site and you will miss out on some visits. The visitor wants to know what kind of services you offer and how much it will cost. If not all information is available; They may simply leave your site before taking a second look and then rate your service or add a comment.

It is always difficult to decide what kind of web design I should have as every business owner needs a different online store to market their products online and offline.

It is also important to add appropriate CTA buttons, for example"Book now" "Call now" and "Buy now"in the right places to increase sales.


I have given you the list of free directory submission sites which have high pa score and mostly dofollow links

Do you know of any submission sites that are great for directory submission? If so, I'll be happy to add the sites to this list. I hope you found this blog helpful and gave you a better understanding of what goes into preparing a quality directory submission. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions About Directory Submission Sites

How long does it take for the site to appear live in the directory listing?

Once your site is successfully submitted, each directory provider will review it before going live on the sites. Once the verification process is complete, your site will go live within 24 hours.

Are free directory submissions still effective?

(Video) 90+ Latest Directory Submission Sites With High DA PA 2023

For any business that has optimized their website, paid advertising can be more effective than submitting multiple articles to article directories as they grow.

Is it still worth turning to article directories?

Yes, a given site's performance depends on the number and quality of referrals it receives, but generally, over time, a top-ranking site will receive traffic from other sources, be it directories or sitemap submission sites.

How do I submit my website?

Submit your website or webpage by filling out the form on the directory submission page. You will be asked to provide an article about your company, logo, email address, business address and phone number.

Is it true that some directory submission sites charge a fee to submit your site?

(Video) 200+ Social Bookmarking Sites List 2023 | 100% Instant Approval | High DA PA

Some directory submission sites charge a fee to submit your site. The fee depends on website performance, domain authority, traffic, etc. You must pay a one-time fee or an annual or monthly fee, depending on the website author.

What should I do if I'm concerned about my site being accepted?

If you are worried about your site being accepted, you can try another directory submission site. To avoid this fear, always provide a clean and accurate information site with all the necessary details about your site.

How do I find a directory submission site that accepts my site?

You can find directory submission sites on the web, or you can call directory submission companies or check the site's database to see if a site listed fits your niche; if so, your business will also be added.

Is there a directory submission site that will accept my site even if it's not yet complete?

(Video) 200+ Dofollow Backlinks that Actually Works | High DA PA Backlinks | Off Page SEO | Free Backlinks

Some directory submission sites will accept an incomplete site. But I saw that the site was rejected because it did not provide all the information about the company.


Where can I get free dofollow backlinks to quickly rank my website? ›

Top 8 High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Websites [100% Free]
  • 1 Reddit.
  • 2 Diigo.
  • 3 Bookmax.
  • 4 Folkd.
  • 5 Whitelinks.
  • 6 Instapaper.
  • 7 Viesearch.
  • 8 Slashdot. Know the New Things in Video Marketing.

Do follow directory submission sites list? ›

Directory Submission Sites List 2023
S No.WebsiteLink Type
12 more rows
Dec 16, 2022

What are directory submission sites? ›

Directory submission is an off-page optimization activity. It involves submission of your site to a specific category of a web directory, e.g. if you have a tutorial website then you are supposed to submit your site in the education category of a web directory.

What are the directory submission sites for SEO? ›

With directory submission, you can maximize connection-building results and see an increase in a website's overall SEO.
Here are the SEO services that we provide:
#Directory Submission Sites
96 more rows

Do follow backlinks for free? ›

Dofollow backlinks improve your page ranking in search engine results. These backlinks help your content to rank higher for multiple keywords. It ensures your blog more legitimate to Google's algorithm of creating backlinks.

How do I find a Dofollow link? ›

To check if a link is dofollow or nofollow, you can simply inspect the link in the browser and check the HTML code. To do this, right-click on the link in the browser and select “Inspect”. This will bring up the HTML code associated with that link. If you see rel=”nofollow”, then the link is a nofollow link.

How do you check that website is dofollow and nofollow links? ›

How Do You Check If a Link is Nofollow?
  1. Right click on your browser and click “View page source”.
  2. Next, look for the link in the HTML of the page.
  3. If you see a rel=”nofollow” attribute, that link is nofollowed. Otherwise, the link is dofollow.
Oct 20, 2021

Does directory submission still work? ›

So, yes, it's safe to argue directory submissions are still required for effective local SEO. To this end, perhaps the best place to start is with the suggested SERP test to understand where your listings and the directories stand relative to your keywords.

How do I get listed on a directory? ›

Contact your local service directory by dialing "411," and then ask to be included in its directory listing. Depending on the region, there may be a small charge to include your contact information in the directory. To be listed, you will need to provide a current phone number.

How can I get backlinks to my website for free? ›

In this guide, we'll talk about 19 free link building tips for beginners.
  1. Ask for Backlinks.
  2. Build Relationships.
  3. Give a Testimonial.
  4. Create Great Content Continuously.
  5. List Your Site in Trustworthy Directories.
  6. Write Guest Posts.
  7. Get Interviewed on Podcasts.
  8. Leverage Social Media.
Nov 7, 2022

How can I index backlinks quickly? ›

The Best Way To Get Backlinks Indexed
  1. Be Patient. Google usually finds and naturally indexes new backlinks. ...
  2. Submit Your Backlinks To Google. If your new backlinks are not indexed after those 2 weeks, ping each of them. ...
  3. Wait Another Week. ...
  4. Submit Your Links To A Link Indexing Service. ...
  5. Track Your Results.
Jul 30, 2022

What is the fastest way to get backlinks for a website? ›

12 Ways To Get Quality Backlinks (That Really Work)
  1. Ask To Guest Blog. ...
  2. Ask Your Partners/Distributors/Suppliers. ...
  3. Ask For Credit Where Credit Is Due. ...
  4. Leverage Brands And Influencers To Share Your Products Or Services. ...
  5. Create Engaging Visual Content. ...
  6. Publish Original Research. ...
  7. Build A Useful Free Tool.
Aug 18, 2022


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