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If your fuel pump fails, your Ford F-150 or Super Duty won't drive the same. But you can replace it yourself. That's how it goes!

16. September 2014
Contributors: F 150, Worf, Richard Ristow, thefordmaniac

This article applies to Ford F-150 (1999-2014) and F-250 Super Duty (2005-2014) pickup trucks.

If you're having trouble starting your engine or have an unusual idle on the freeway, it could be that the fuel pump is on its last legs. Your fuel pump is a component that can waste away over time, usually over a period of time. So what exactly is a fuel pump and if so, how is it replaced?

The Ford F-150 or Super Duty is equipped with electric pumps designed to move fuel from the tank to the carburetor. This component is vital to the overall performance of your vehicle. And since it's in the fuel tank, it's not easy to get to. You need to remove the bed from your truck or remove the fuel tank. We'll show you how to do both and let you choose your adventure.

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Important safety notice:Always make sure your F-150 or Super Duty is on a safe, level surface with the engine off before attempting any DIY work. This particular job also requires you to drain your gas tank before making any repairs.

Option 1 - removing the fuel tank

This step requires degassing and the use of a jack and various brackets. You also spend a lot of time under the vehicle and have to remove all the lines connecting the fuel tank to the truck. The main difficulty with this option is that some of the connections can be very rusty and difficult to detach.

(Reported video:Removing the fuel tank to replace the fuel pump-


  • Transparent hose and air pump for gas lift
  • New fuel pump assembly
  • Jack and four struts
  • key of effect
  • 1/4" hex socket
  • screwdriver
  • 3/8 inch fuel line disconnect tool (useful but not required)
  • Textmarker

Step 1 - Remove the fuel from the tank

Before removing the fuel tank, check whether it is empty or almost empty. To do this, you need to release the gas using a transparent hose and an air pump. Please watch the video below for the correct steps.

Step 2 - Raise your truck

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To safely work under your F-150, your vehicle must be at least 18 inches off the ground. Use a standard jack and insert it into the slots along the frame of your truck. For forklifts that are already raised, you have enough space to work without having to raise the forklift.

(Video) How to change the fuel pump on a ford f 150 f250 88-96

(Reported video:How to properly lift a vehicle-

Step 3 - Remove the heat shield

Once your truck is safely raised, grab your impact wrench and crawl under the truck. You will notice that the heat shield protects the fuel pump (picture 2 above). You will also notice two sets of screws. A set holds the heat shield in place. The second set holds the fuel tank in place. First you want to locate those holding the heat shield. They are aligned with the heat shield tape.

expert advice

Be careful not to remove the tank strap bolts before removing the heat shield.

Once you remove the screws, the heat shield will begin to sag as you remove it. Bend your knee against it so it doesn't fall on you when you let go. Once it's free, book it.

Step 4: Remove the fuel tank

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Take two jack stands and place them under the fuel tank. You will need them to support the fuel tank while you remove the bolts. Make sure the jack stands are high enough to support the tank (see Figure 3 above). It's also a good idea to put some soft padding between the jack and the tank to prevent damage.

Again, use your impact wrench to remove the four exceptionally long (13mm) screws from the fuel tank. If both handles are loose, lower them and twist them. Don't force it or you'll mess up the mount point. Set aside the two strips and screws.

Your fuel tank should now only be supported by jack stands. Have someone slowly lower the jacks while holding the fuel tank. The front end does not lower immediately as it connects to the fuel supply line. You will need a 1/4" socket wrench to remove this fitting.

After the fuel supply line has been disconnected, your helper can lower the supports further and you can pull the fuel tank out from under the truck.

now go toStep 6 - Locate and clean the fuel pump moduleunder.

Option 2: Remove the bed

If you don't have the tools, jack, or grade to get under the truck and remove the fuel tank to access the fuel pump, remove the truck bed. This is a simple process which requires removing the bolts holding it in place, disconnecting the box and tailgate light, removing the wiring harnesses from the box light and taillight sockets, and removing the gas cap and fuel tank neck clamp. You also need the help of two strong friends to lift your truck's body.

(Video) 1993 F150 rear fuel pump


  • New fuel pump assembly
  • key of effect
  • Bed hooks, two ropes and a hoist or two strong friends
  • screwdriver
  • 3/8 inch fuel line disconnect tool (useful but not required)
  • 8mm wrench
  • Textmarker

(Reported video:Remove the truck bed to replace the fuel pump-

Step 1 - Remove the bed

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Climb onto the bed of your truck and use your impact wrench to remove the six bed bolts.

Step 2 - Unscrew the gas cap

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Remove the three 7mm screws securing the filler plug. Leave hanging after loosening the lid.

Step 3 - Remove the filler neck clamp

Lower the truck just below the gas cap (see Figure 6). You will find a clamp that connects the filler neck to the body of your truck. Loosen the clamp so the filler neck is clear of the bed.

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Step 4 - Disconnect the tail and bed lights

You now need to slide further under the body of your truck and disconnect the wiring harness (image 7 below) for the bedside light. To find it, slide to the back left corner of the bed and look up. Pull on the two connectors until they come loose. Watch out for falling dirt, it can get in your eyes if you don't wear glasses! Push the two wire harness ends out of the way and let them hang loose.

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Next you need to remove the two tail light connectors (see image 8 below). They are located at each corner of the back of the bed. Twist and pull out.

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Step 5 - Raise the bed

This is where having a few amateur friends comes in handy. Each of you should grab one side (as shown in Figure 9 below) and lift the truck body. If you don't have two strong friends available, you can still use bed hooks, two ropes, and a chain hoist to raise the bed. Once raised, pull the truck forward and lower the bed onto a soft surface or several sawhorses.

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Step 6 - Locate and clean the fuel pump module

Ford F150 and F250 How to Replace the Fuel Pump (11)

If you removed the fuel tank (option 1) or the truck body (option 2), the rest of the process is the same. For those who have the body removed from the truck, the fuel tank is located just behind the cab. If you look inside the tank you will find a round fuel pump module bolted to the top. Before removing the six screws, you must disconnect the fuel payment and relay wires from the module. You will also need to remove the evaporative hoses. They are held in place with security clips that you can pull and release to detach from the module. You can use one tooFord fuel line disconnect tool 3/8"For dismantling fuel lines that are difficult to detach. Only buy the aluminum ones. Plastic ones don't work.

(Video) Fuel Pump Replacement - 2001 Ford 150, 5.4L

Then use a plastic brush to brush away dust and dirt from the top of the module so it doesn't fall into the tank when you remove the module.

expert advice

Use a plastic brush to clean the module and tank. A wire brush can create sparks, which should be avoided when working near the fuel tank.

You will then take your Sharpie pen and mark a spot on the module and tank to help you orient the new pump properly when installing (see Figure 11 below). The idea here is to know the exact position of the old module in order to align the new one identically.

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Step 7 - Remove the old fuel pump assembly

Once you've made your mark, take your 8mm socket and remove the six screws holding the fuel pump module to the tank. Rotate and lift the device. There's a good chance it's stuck to the underlying rubber gasket and won't move very easily. If it is, use a screwdriver to gently pry it off. Then lift the assembly out of the tank (as shown in Figure 12 below).

Ford F150 and F250 How to Replace the Fuel Pump (13)

You will see that the fuel pump module consists of several parts including the fuel pump, fuel dispenser and filter. If you are an experienced mechanic and know which particular part is faulty, you may want to replace one of the individual parts. But if the pump is old, then it is advisable to simply replace the entire unit with a new one.Brandneuone (as shown in Figure 13 below).

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Step 8 - Install a new fuel pump assembly

Now that the old unit is out, place the new unit in the fuel tank and line it up with the mark you made on your Sharpie. Replace and tighten the screws. Reconnect your output and relay leads and your evaporative hoses.

Step 9 - Reassemble your truck

This is self-explanatory. If you removed the box, you will need to reinstall it and replace the lights, gas cap, and neck brace. If you removed the tank, you must put it back. Be sure to replace all belts and bolts and replace the fuel supply line.

And there you have it: a new fuel pump. And another mission accomplished. Now all you need is an endless road and a sunset.

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