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It's really confusing to choose between the Container Store and California Closets. Which wardrobe offers the best value for money in terms of durability, functionality and appearance, and which one has the lowest maintenance costs?

Closets are very important for your home. The cabinet must be installed in the bedroom, kitchen, garage, side, etc. If you intend to rent or sell your property. A closet canmaximize theresale valuefrom home dramatically.

People often get confused between the two reputed brands i.e. Container Store and California Store.

Let's find out all the details about these two most famous cabinet brands. I'll share the similarities and differences that will make the decision much easier...

Which ones to choose and which ones to kick?

If you're in a hurry, this little comparison chart will surely help you compare these two brands side-by-side so you can make your decision.

So without further ado, let's get started...

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Detailed Comparison Chart of Container Store vs. California Cabinets

ContainerlagerCalifornia closet
1. Container cabinets are made of durable and rustproof steel.California cabinets are made from extremely durable and sustainable wood composite fibers.
2. They offer free design consultants, but they don't offer home visit consultations as most of their services are online.They provide a free design consultant and a local expert to visit your home for a design consultation and take measurements.
3. They have up to 95 showrooms in various locations across the US.
There are over 100 local stores across the US, which means you have the flexibility to visit your nearest showroom for advice.
4. You have 4 kinds of cabinet distributions to choose from, and different colors and textures.They have five different types of cabinet layouts and aesthetic layouts with some amazing color and texture combinations.
5. They don't offer price calculators, but you can see the price of their custom closet on their website.They do not offer a price calculator as the final price depends on many factors. Some prefabricated cabinets are available with price tags on their website.
6. They offer a limited lifetime warranty for their 2 products, Laren and Avera.They offer a lifetime warranty for new home buyers if their cabinets are pre-installed and a 1-year limited warranty for new home installations.
7. They provide DIY installation procedure if you feel comfortable; If not, you can consult them for a full installation.The delivery and installation process is simple as expert technicians deliver the product the same day with installation in most cases.
8. Here I will give you a rough idea of ​​the price. Assuming your space is about 6 to 7.5 feet, then Elfa Classic is $800 (approx), Elfa Decor is $2400 (approx) and Avera is $5500 (approx).California cabinets range in price from $2,500 to $5,000. The price also depends on many factors.
9. They offer online troubleshooting, but their service needs improvement.They provide quality services to their customers which is why people are willing to pay top dollar for their amazing after-sales services.
10. They also give your bare space a decent look for less than a California closet.California cabinets have a high quality aesthetic finish that will add a more premium and exotic look to your bedroom.

Difference between California closet and container store

You're always on a roadblock between the two products if you don't compare them side-by-side. Here we will compare the Container Store Closet to the California Closet. This will be the most thorough analysis you will likely find anywhere else.

Design Style

In terms of design and style, both companies are the best in their field, but what sets them apart is thatQuality,Material,number of drawingsThey offer,simple ordering system,fast delivery,trouble-free installationprocess, e.gCustomer service.

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Cabinet California (design and style)

California Closet offers 5 different types of closet designs to choose from, namely:

  1. custom closets
  2. built-in wardrobes
  3. built-in wardrobes
  4. lockers
  5. Children's wardrobes

individual wardrobeThey can revitalize the beauty of your room with their traditional touch. You can customize them according to your needs.

Locker roomsthey make it very convenient to decide which wardrobe goes with which shoes. You can see different options at the same time. This is also very useful when you don't have time to prepare for a meeting, party or important occasion.

Abuilt-in wardrobeIt turns the empty space of your bedroom into a beautiful storage space where you can find a perfect balance between traditional looks and storage.

WardrobeProvide plenty of space for your different outfits to be compared and selected in no time.

Children's wardrobesSave time by organizing your stuff in one place. It also teaches kids to organize their stuff.

Container storage (design and style)

Container Store offers customers 4 different types of design and style, such as:

  1. classic leprechaun
  2. elf decoration
  3. Average
  4. Laren

eleven classicsThe cabinet system features a custom design and shelving system that can be added or removed as needed. The closet features a wall hanging system that is quite different from what we saw in the California closet. Their designs are more versatile and attractive than container cabinet design.

elf decorationis brought to you by the company that has inherited the strength and flexibility of its Classic variant with the beauty ofmaderajluxuriousOptions If you love the touch of wood in your closet, Elfa Decor offers beautiful wooden shelves and drawers in different variants and finishes.

Averagecomes with oneTop-Finishand design that will cost much more than the previous two variants. here you getDrawers with full extensionthat can be opened or closed with just onebeat. Eanesthesia back panelimpostorREMAINThe light integration completes the look of your wardrobe.

LarenIt is aLuxury wardrobeOption for those who want to decorate their empty space with a high quality and luxury built-in wardrobe.

Laren offers aglass doorSo you can quickly see your favorite clothes and accessories.REMAINThe light integration looks very appealing. You can choose your base design by choosing from several floor finish options.

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A case that looks great doesn't have to be durable or strong. It entirely depends on the quality of the material from which these cabinets are made.

Let's see what material these two brands use in their wardrobes...

What material does the container warehouse use?

your entry leveleleven closetsThey are very popular due to their low price and durability. In Elfa cupboards you getepoxy alloy steelon all load-bearing components such as overhead rails, consoles, pull-outs, ventilated shelves, etc.

elf decorationIt costs a little more, but in addition to the epoxy bonded steel, you have itbeautiful decorative solid wood shelvesjdrawer front.

Now we're going to talk about its premium category that descended from Avera. We already talked about the Avera, here we will talk about the material used for its manufacture. Avera is manufactured usingfully recycled materialforksexceptional craftsmanshipIt gives you a premium look.

LarenIt is made from an ultimate premium caseeco-friendly material. The best match is made in the USA from North American wood with a combination ofHardware developed in Europe.

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What material do you use or California Closet?

Most California Closet products are made from sustainable materials. Most custom and prefabricated cabinets are made from reclaimed wood, which is safe, less expensive, and also an environmentally friendly option.

The three California Closets end asCclassic,EUdo, andTesoro is certified bycarbohydrates(California Air Resources Board).

California cabinet doors and drawers are made from reclaimed and recycled wood and are certified byLEE (Head of Energy and Environmental Design)2009&V4LEED standards are a certification program given to industries that promote sustainable design and construction.

California cabinets, some manufacturing units such as doors and drawers are made of natural material. 40% of this material is recycled and sourced from sustainable sources.

California Closets Tiene unUL GREENGUARDCertificate stating that this company adheres to strict rules and regulations regarding chemical emissions.

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order process

The user experience when ordering a product is also very important, which gives an indication of the customer service of this company. Here, both brands offer free design consulting services to their customers, but…

Which is best for this general procedure?

Let's find out...

California Cabinet Appointment Process

California Closet's ordering process is very simple. For design ideas and room inspection, you can arrange a free consultation service by calling the number or going online. A design consultant will come to your home at a time that suits you.

Check the storage location, its size and get your design ideas, give some suggestions etc. It also does a full survey of the room and if everything is ok then the design will be sent to the factory and within 15 to 30 days delivered and installed at your home. You can see the actual design created by the computer software and make changes if you don't like something.

The installation time depends on the complexity of the project and the size of the room.

I was really impressed with California Closets easy and quick ordering process and customer service. It's way better than any other brand.

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Container Storage Request Method

Container stores also offer free consultations to their customers, but most of the services are online. You can schedule a call with their free expert design consultant by filling out a short inquiry form on their website.

soon you will have onecall upfrom your design expert. Now you can share your design ideas, they also want to see the room where you want to install your dream closet. They will tell you to get the exact measurement of your space. thereafterfollow obligationorganized where you connect with your design expert viaVideo-Chat.

This is where they research the space, take your design ideas and make suggestions if needed. Your design software provides all the details, and you can oversee the entire design and editing process from the comfort of your own home via video chat.

After completing the design, you can choose the texture and material of the shelves and drawers, as well as the color that can be combined with the rest of the furniture in the room.

At the end they give you the final design with a link so you can view it whenever you want.

price and installation procedure

When all the design and other hardware and texture accessories are completed, it's time to complete the order so that your dream closet can be installed as soon as possible.

How much does a container storage cabinet cost?

I'll give you a rough idea about the final price you should set on your website. if you go with themelf decorationCustom-build-Closet kostet ca2.500 $impostorShippingBut here,Taxnot included.

Approximately it costs approx$2700With taxes. They also offer onedo the installation yourselfoption from which you cansave some moneyin the installation, and if you do the entire installation yourself, it will cost almost$ 1900.

How much does a California closet cost?

You have to spend more on doors and windows in the California Closet than in the container store. This is thanks to free home visit consultation services, after-sales customer service and excellent build quality.

You don't have to pay for the installation of your product because it is already included in the final price. Installation is easy, too, since custom cabinetry, doors or windows are shipped and installed by qualified California Closets technicians. The average price of a custom made wardrobe would be between3.000 US-Dollar bis 5.000 US-Dollar, depending on the material and design of the hardware you choose.

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Guarantee and after-sales service

Csomewhere elseCTiles come with alimited lifetime warrantywith your cabinet if it was pre-installed in your home at the time of purchase, and aone year limited warrantyFor the cabinets that are purchased separately and installed in the empty space of your home.

On the other hand,CsupervisorStear delivers an llimited lifetime warrantyin his two custom-made closets that areEUAre andAVera.

Islifetime guaranteecovers all thermoplastic cast metal and wood furniture components, and all furniture components, installation services and lighting are includedone year warranty.

Which is better between the Container Store and California Closets?

If you are reading this section of our article, we assume that you know all the details about these two most famous brands of cabinets.

However, if you're not sure which one to choose, let me clear your query in this section.

If you want to investa colorand a classic look with an attractive finish, be sure to choose the California Closet. You will not face any problem with project selection and measurement, everything will be handled by the company's experienced executive.

BisInstallationis out of his closetsimply. Its after-sales customer services arematchless. You have to pay a little more for what they offer but it's worth it and satisfying.

on the other handCsupervisorSRipped is a very affordable option for those buyers who don't want to spend a lot on a wardrobe but want a decent design and texture for their custom wardrobe.

90% of the process of this brand takes place online. You will get online suggestions, design consultants and any help by phone or video chat. If you want to save money, you have the option to install the case yourself, which can save you up to $500 off the final cost.

Container Storage vs. California Closets (FAQ)

What is the best closet company?

When it comes to build quality, design choices, ordering and installation processes, customer satisfaction, warranty and customer service, California Closet is hands down number one.
On the other hand, Container Store is known for its variety of storage systems.

Does the California Closet add value?

Yes, definitely, installing a custom closet in every room and entryway will greatly increase the resale value of your home. In fact, other renovations will never match the resale value that you get by simply installing a custom closet in your bedroom, entryway, garage, etc.


California Air Resources Board (CARB)

UL GreenGuard

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