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Great team and great results. I love washing my car here they are so good they are really worth every penny and very affordable.

John Povilonis / Holanda y Lynnhaven VA

Excellent team! I have been coming here for years and have never had a bad experience.

Dwayne Harris / Riverdale GA

The kit thoroughly rinses and scrubs before your vehicle goes through the car wash. The mechanical wash is much stronger than the others and does an excellent job. Vacuums are powerful, free, and easy to use. Colored lights add a bit of fun to the wash.

Rebecca Martinez / Northampton VA

Drove here with a dirty car and bought the super clean detail. The indoor waiting room is very nice and offers free coffee. Not only did my car look fantastic and new, but the wait time was very short and the results were excellent.

Summer Medows/Roswell GA

I have been a regular here for months since I signed up for the monthly subscription. I really appreciate the professionalism and attention of the staff. They are always friendly, helpful and competent.

Horacio Daniel / Marietta GA

I love coming here, the staff is very helpful and the car always looks great when finished.

Ryan Renard / Farmers Branch TX

This is a great car wash. I was very impressed.

Aaron Harris / Downtown Houston TX

Very good and fast service. Very pleasant waiting room with children's area and tables for those who want to read or have a coffee.

David Pittman/Norco CA

The experience was great, I needed a convenient place for an oil change due to my work schedule and this location made it so easy I dropped it off and when I went to pick it up everything was ready, everyone I dealt with was very friendly.

M Garza / Webster TX

I love this car wash. Great machines and the vacuum cleaners always work 110%. A nice touch is that they have towels for drying. I LOVE THAT!

Raúl Machuca / Girlande TX

This car wash is the best in town in my opinion. They have a monthly laundry subscription option, free vacuums, and microfiber towels to help you dry up the small amount of water that remains after going through the dryers.

Melissa Allison / Garland TX

I LOVE this car wash! THE BEST CAR WASH IN THE REGION! Very polite and efficient young workers, especially Mr. Baschan! He is my favorite car wash attendant and consistently exceeds expectations of him at the car wash. I would DEFINITELY recommend a raise 😉 If you want a cheap car wash go to the Car Spa, I recommend it 100%.

Alexis P / Orange Park FL

The staff is extremely professional, polite, helpful and pleasant. The service is excellent. I will definitely come again.

Jeanne Trapp/Norco CA

The staff was very friendly and gave me an honest recommendation on what service I should get without upselling. Job done fast, well done and at a good price - great deal!

R. Paul Johnston / Webster TX

I always get great service here. My favorite car wash. It's worth the wait.

Lynette Hart / Norco CA

My car is absolutely stunning, it looks like new. The time they take is definitely worth the wait when you see the end result. The staff was very friendly and nice, I love my car, it's so clean it shines.

Lizzeth Mijares / Netherlands and Lynnhaven VA

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They were all amazing! Incredible service! The vehicle looks better than ever! I definitely recommend it!

Karon Lairy/Dallas TX

I love this place. I have a monthly pass and they always do a great job.

Jay Surinam / Plano TX

It cleaned the interior of my jeep very well and helped get rid of the vomit smell from the night before. There were many cars there, but they worked efficiently and left in an hour, 30 minutes before the estimated time. I will use them again if I need a nice detail or some other incident happens!

Cameron Stone / Farmers Branch TX

These guys are great and friendly. Especially the detail workers did a wonderful job and took care of every detail. I am very happy for the money and would recommend this service.

Krishna Keerty / Webster TX

Good service! He arrived at the State Inspectorate and was in and out in 10 minutes. All the employees were friendly!

Aimon Allouache / Centro de Houston TX

Great place, great service and great atmosphere. I have connected 4 cars to it. They take great care of my family's cars. Ratic the manager always goes above and beyond to ensure the cars are kept as clean as possible. Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping my cars sparkling clean.

Rami Jen/Allen TX

My experience at Car Spa was excellent. The customer service is second to none.

Mark Davis II / Marietta GA

Monthly plans that offer more washes for your money, free vacuuming and window washing. Man, I love this place!

Margie Herndon / Garland TX

They have done a great job with both my husband and mine. We always get the polish fast and I've always been happy with it.

Stefani / Houston TX

Fantastic place! They have a package where your car gets a complete exterior wash and they keep your leather seats and wash your floor mats. 10/10 experience for me.

Fahad Khan/Dallas TX

I love this wash, I did full service or self service and spent a lot of $. This wash is a mix of both. I decided to give them a chance and love, love, love them

Shelby F / Orange Park FL

If you like a good car you will love this place. They are always fast and know very well how to keep your car looking like new. Excellent customer service and never a wait. I definitely recommend this hotel.

Kimberly Tatom/Holland and Lynnhaven VA

I put the car wash + shampoo in and they did a wonderful job! I am very satisfied with the effort and the results. I will definitely come again!

Hanson Turner / Marietta GA

You really can't beat this car wash or its prices. Your car is always clean for less than $10. Also, they have free vacuum cleaners.

Susan Carpenter / Garland TX

Visiting for the first time. Excellent client service. Good price! Well done! Have exterior and interior work done. Very satisfied.

Tima Shpilker/Norco CA

A really nice, clean and safe place with a lot of great people who really know their business.

Larry Hill / Riverdale GA

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Awesome place to clean and detail your car! I have received the best customer service from any folks there. The managers Rafic and Michael made my day even better! My place from now on. If I could give 10 stars instead of 5 I would!

Björn A / Allen TX

Wow! I had a great experience here! I have never been to a car wash or auto spa like this! I had great service! Everyone was knowledgeable, friendly, and very helpful! I thought the price was a steal for what I got!

Elisa Davidsen / Marietta GA

Always a great experience when I come here! I definitely recommend the monthly plan. I wash my truck at the Plano location at least twice a week most weeks.

Salbei Delsol / Plano TX

These guys are great! Fast and very complete! I won't change my oil myself now!

Shawn Hughes / Houston TX

I have been coming here for about 15 years. At least once a week. My ride always looks sharp.

Laure Dockery scharf / Jacksonville FL

Car Spa brought my car back to life. I detailed my car here and they did a fantastic job. My car looked almost new. While I waited, I was able to relax in a cozy lounge where you can buy snacks and wait in your car.

Tekia Hamilton/Jacksonville FL

WOW - What an amazing job they did for a $20 car wash. I purchased the full silver washing service and was not disappointed. My Tahoe is cleaner than ever. The best part was that I arrived at 6:35 am, only 25 minutes before closing, and left at 6:45 am. I will definitely be back as they deserve my business.

Evan/Dallas Texas

I really like this place. It's the only place I've found that doesn't add things that need fixing when I take it in for inspection. The waiting area is large with multiple seating areas and super clean.

Morgan Milton / Plano TX

I cannot express my gratitude or gratitude enough to the staff member named Joey and the manager named Kari. Joey went above and beyond to clean my car down to the last detail. These things are not hidden from me because I am a detail-oriented person.

James N./Orange Park FL

Great car wash service and much more. They allow pets in the lobby, which is a big plus for me. The staff are friendly and help where they can. You also have reasonable waiting times for the service you have requested.

Keekee Kyrie / Riverdale GA

I like the way this car wash cleans my vehicle. People really care there. And I also noticed that when I went through the car wash, the interior looked very clean as well.

Dorothy Young / Orange Park Florida

Excellent place with excellent service and friendly staff, supervisors and management. I have the unlimited monthly plan so I'm there all the time. Always happy with the results! I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Elenco de Mitch / Jacksonville FL

great team. Go every week! A loyal customer here 🙂 Member of the car wash club. Clean facility and great staff!

Jeremy Elder / Farmers Branch TX

The best place in Riverdale to clean your car! And the people are very nice!! And a satisfactory service at all times!!

Robert Wade / Riverdale GA

They are doing a fantastic job on my car which needs a lot of attention. My busy lifestyle causes me to neglect a good car wash. Just seeing the exterior wash made it look like a new car. I fell in love with my car again.

Elon Bomani / Riverdale GA

Great experience at this location, both employees that work there were very nice and helpful! They did a great job making sure all the hard to reach areas were scrubbed down before going through the wash as well.

Mechelle Jordan / Northampton VA

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I have detailed my vehicle here. They cleaned the car very well, all the cracks and crevices are like new and the leather looks/smells fresh again. Very happy with the cost and the service.

Joe Baumann / Holland and Lynnhaven VA

I have been bringing my car here since it opened. They have always done an excellent job, both inside and out. The person is also conveniently waiting! The staff is always courteous and friendly.

Del Halstead-Nussloch/Roswell GA

I have been a loyal Car Spa customer since I moved to the area in 2003. They have been very consistent in their work and customer service.

Dymond Williams / Farmers Branch TX

The best place I have ever used. The car looks fantastic. Benefit from complimentary vacuums and towels to keep your vehicle sparkling clean.

Nik M / Orange Park FL

Fantastic place! The staff is very friendly and took good care of me! The prices are reasonable and most importantly my car looks amazing!

Christy Werner / Allen TX

My car hadn't been washed in a long time and there was rust even on the aluminum rims. I did not expect the great details that were done to my interior for the price I paid and it made my tires look like new. Very happy with the service and the price!

Winter Ross / TX Farmers Branch

They did a great job washing the interior. It looks even better from the outside! 5 stars!!!

Nelson Lin/Dallas TX

Fast and friendly service, plus free car wash with vehicle security check!

Romilly Baicoianu / Centro de Houston TX

Great experience. I will DEFINITELY be back!!! Everyone was nice and friendly.

Jennifer Hostios Smith / Roswell GA

I have been visiting this place for over 10 years and have always had good experiences with it.

Patelhusten / Plano TX

You really made an effort for me. I am disabled and they have helped me in any way they could and in ways I didn't think possible. Great place to wash the car and leave the interior very well done.

Cindie E / Jacksonville FL

Car Spa is exceptional at all times. I joined the club 2 years ago and I am still satisfied. Any issues I've had were resolved on the spot with no fuss. I highly recommend Car Spa services and staff!

Oz Lindley / Marietta GA

I have the unlimited gold plan and they always do a great job. Friendly and efficient, I don't know what else to say.

Anillo Brad / Jacksonville FL

Great experience. Rafic took very good care of my car. This place is worth going to to give your car a fresh new look. I've been here several times, they never let you down.

Amit Modi / Allen TX

I would recommend this hotel to anyone in the area. I go through 4-7 car washes to get here, but I keep coming back here for service. Everyone here is nice and very professional.

Omar D'Elía / Houston TX

Great customer service. Good results. I do car washes and oil changes here. You are doing a good job.

Kelly Byrne/Netherlands and Lynnhaven VA


I love this car wash. They are all polite and hardworking. My car shines after every wash!

Lisa Wilkerson / Northampton VA

I love the car spa! They are always willing to help with a smile on their faces; Everyone I deal with is very friendly. And his work is thorough!

Andrea Crum / Allen TX

Great experience and value - my favorite car wash place. Always a quick experience. I appreciate the free vacuums and the powerful washing of the carpets. Great customer service.

Lael Moreland/Northampton VA

My car looks better than ever! Polite, respectful and professional staff.

Kim Hildebrandt/Norco CA

Great management and staff. They go above and beyond to provide wonderful customer service! I recommend this car wash.

Todd Howell/Northampton VA

Simply incredible! As soon as you enter, all the staff will greet you with a welcoming smile. Visiting from Canada, I needed to return the car with an extensive wash and trust myself that this was the right place. I recommend this place. The car shone like new. I was impressed with the interior details, all pockets were like new and polished.

Safe with Valia / Webster TX

I recently got the car wash membership at Car Spa and Steve the manager always made sure I was happy with the service. Everyone is doing a great job!!

Pastor Rosilyn / Houston TX

love this place. Fast service, great laundry, and plenty of places to vacuum for free afterwards - there's also a gas station next door with an air pump, as well as state inspections.

Sarah Masoner / Garland TX

They always do an excellent job, especially when you get a detailed package. I am a hitchhiker so keeping the car clean is very important.

Sam Goerdel / Dallas TX

They washed the car very well. Management was able to resolve any issues I had with him and provided excellent service!

Daniel Sims / Roswell GA

I have washed my vehicle several times, never without complaints, they do a good thorough wash and never wait too long.

Kevin Hinton/Houston Texas

It's always a great experience when I wash my car. The staff always make me feel welcome and make sure my car looks good when I leave.

Sonja Knospung / Roswell GA

These guys are great! I had some stains on my car and they cleaned it up and made my car look great! The service was wonderful and the guys were very nice! highly recommended

Laura Gibson / Plano TX

Always fast service and fair prices. The waiting room is also very nice.

Christopher Upchurch / Centro de Houston TX

Friendly and fast service. They do a great job cleaning the car. They also have a Conoco gas station so you can fill up and clean your car in the same place. friendly staff. Clean waiting room and clean toilets too.

Stephanie Kae / Downtown Houston TX

I like this place more and more! Wash and clean your vehicle for a good price and you can come back in 2 days with the receipt and get just one free wash, extra for interior cleaning.

Guy Barnett / Webster TX

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