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Zoe Rosenberg

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Zoe Rosenberg

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Elizabeth Brownfield is a writer, editor, and researcher with over 15 years of experience writing about travel, food, and home. He has contributed to publications such as Vogue, Glamour, Food Network, Martha Stewart Living, Domino, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Fitness, Tasting Table, Eater and TripSavvy.

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Closet design is the practice of maximizing the functionality of the storage space by adding organizational components like clothes rails, drawers and shoe racks. The best closet design companies help buyers create a closet that meets all of their organizational needs.

While some companies design and install the product for the customer, others take a do-it-yourself approach, letting the customer design and install the components. These are the best cabinet design companies that cater to all budgets and needs and are available nationwide.

Best cabinet design companies of 2023

The best cabinet design companies

The best cabinet design companies

  • Our best picks
  • the container depot
  • california closets
  • Ikea
  • simple cabinets
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  • final verdict

  • common questions

  • methodology

overall better :the container depot

Why we choose it:The Container Store is ubiquitous with custom cabinetry and organizational essentials across the country.

what we like

  • Wide range of prices and storage solutions

what we don't like

  • Solutions difficult to adapt to spaces with non-traditional shapes

  • Buyers who don't live near a container store pay more

Container Store scores with users for its flexibility in terms of variety of designs, finishes and costs. The national brand is perhaps best known for its Elfa organization system, which comes in slightly more expensive Classic and Decor models, but also offers the updated options of the Avera and Laren systems.

The Elfa models use adjustable steel wall components (and solid wood in the case of the Decor model) to optimize closet storage with hooks, shoe racks, boxes and shelves. With its high-quality materials, the Avera system focuses on the holistic look and includes hardware components such as optional LED lighting. The most expensive system, Laren, offers the most personalized and modern finishes, such as B. Cabinet doors with tempered glass fronts and cushioned drawers.

Container Store offers both in-store and virtual design consultation to help shoppers design their wardrobes and choose the system that best fits their needs. Customers residing outside a 25-mile radius of a brick-and-mortar container store incur additional shipping and facility fees.

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Best upgrade choice :california closets

Why we choose it:California Closets has a strong national network of independent design consultants across the country to help in areas where you don't have a physical location.

what we like

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  • Virtual home consultations mean each project is tailored specifically for that space

  • Reclaimed wood fiber laminate shelves

what we don't like

  • There is no price reference as everything is customized.

California Closets, the Cadillac of closet design companies, creates an organization system for almost every need. The national brand not only designs walk-in closets and closets, but also designs other forms of storage, such as pull-out beds, wine bars, workspaces and entertainment centers. While California Closets has a brick-and-mortar presence, it also employs design consultants across the country who provide virtual and in-home consultations to help clients design their organizational systems based on style, space and budget constraints.

The initial design consultation usually lasts around 90 minutes. From there, a design is completed, which typically takes four to six weeks to produce. California Closets then installs the custom closet. Inventory costs will vary based on the complexity of the project and the materials and finishes used, but costs include materials, finishes, installation and a lifetime warranty.

All California Closets planks are made from a composite laminate made from recycled wood fibers and all systems are wall mounted.

The best economic option :Ikea

Why we choose it:The build quality, mix-and-match options, and affordability of Ikea's Boaxel system trumped other budget options.

what we like

  • Accessible

  • well built

  • easy to install

what we don't like

  • Less attractive than other organizational systems.

Ikea discontinued its popular Algot system in 2020, but the internationally popular brand itself replaced it with an equally worthy competitor in the Boaxel system. If appearance is the main concern over functionality, then this is not the best choice. But the wall-mounted organization system does the job, and at a relatively reasonable price.

The Boaxel system uses a powder-coated carbon steel wall frame as its starting point. Ikea sells pre-determined storage combinations such as B. Sets with hanging space on top of lattice drawers, plus loose pieces to create a more personalized design.

Ikea's Jonaxel Add-On System is a great choice for renters or those with very little closet space, as it is freestanding and requires no wall mounting. The systems can also be used together.

The best DIY option :simple cabinets

Why we choose it:EasyClosets allows buyers across the country to design their ideal closet in the comfort of their own home.

what we like

  • Real-time price calculator

  • It offers a handful of different finishing options.

what we don't like

  • Installation can be challenging for some customers

EasyClosets is a web-based organization system provider that offers buyers the ability to design their own custom closet. The brand's online 2D and 3D modeling tools make it easy to visualize which organizational combinations will work best in the space. EasyClosets also offers a tool that shows the total cost throughout the design process, making it easy to stay on top of your budget. EasyClosets also offers design consultancy, but the brand's most unique feature is to put the reins in buyers' hands and give them the opportunity to design their own product following the advice ofEasy Closets - Hilfezentrum.

The DIY route definitely requires a little extra knowledge when it comes to properly measuring and installing the product. EasyClosets recommends that buyers have a tape measure, drill, screwdriver, saw, and spirit level on hand to help install the project, and that they also have a basic understanding of DIY projects.

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final verdict

final verdict

A custom closet is a useful upgrade that most consumers can achieve given the wide range of brands that offer this service. Brands like Ikea, with its low-cost, high-performance Boaxel system, and The Container Store, which offers a variety of closet organizing systems in different price ranges, can cost consumers less and still deliver a quality product. California cabinets enhance the individual closet experience by providing striking surfaces. Because The Container Store offers organizational systems that span a range of price points and styles, it is our premier closet design company.

common questions

  • What is Closet Design?

    The cabinet design creates optimal functionality within an existing closet through the use of elements such as rails, drawers and shoe cabinets. Its objective is to generate the largest possible usable area for the consumer.

  • What do cabinet design companies do?

    Closet design companies help buyers design a closet that provides maximum utility for their needs and space. Most companies combine modular components to achieve this, like The Container Store and Ikea, while others, like California Closets, take a more bespoke approach.


We sifted through customer testimonials, online installation guides, and product reviews to compile a list of closet design companies offering custom organizers at a variety of price points. While there are many local designers and brands that offer cabinet design services, we have determined that all brands on our list must be available to customers across the country.

Best Closet Design Companies 2023 (12)



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