75+ Directory Submission Sites 2023: Free and Dofollow (2023)

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75+ High Quality Free Web Directory Submission Sites 2023

Directory submission pages play an important role in backlinks.

As this activity remains one of the most beneficial off-page SEO techniques to share your business information with your website URL.

In the high-tech age of the Internet, almost everyone knows about search engine optimization.

It is a type of digital marketing technique that includes various forms.

Search engine optimization has submerged many on-page and off-page activities that help to improve website visibility and ranking as there are many directory submission websites available on the internet.

These pages provide ample space to add your website and company name, information, and most importantly, your website URL.

Then your business or website will become popular all over the web.

What is directory submission?

Directory submission is still one of those off-site ones.Search engine optimization activitieswhich benefits the creation of backlinks to any website.

Directory submission activities require you to submit your website URL to directory submission sites.

Also, get quality backlinks to improve your website ranking.

In other words, it's still a technique to list your website in different directories under specific categories.

Hence, it is an exceptional technique to increase domain authority of a website.

Different types of directory submission pages

To build quality backlinks, directory submission is undoubtedly still an effective technique. However, did you know that there are many types of directory submission sites?

Here are 9 Types of Directory Submissions 2023.

Free Directory Submission

These types of directory submissions are free.

While there is no guarantee that the admin will approve or disapprove your link, it takes a long time to get approved.

Opting for a free directory listing is always the first choice for many website owners and should also be very ethical.

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regular mutual listing

When you activate the directory link, you must submit a specific return link to your website; After that, only a directory administrator will approve the link.

paid listing

In this directory submission, the owner of the specific directory submission site is responsible for the paid directory submission fees.

Paid directories give you fast backlinks. Many of the sites offer a one year or lifetime paid plan.

Automatically send web

This directory allows you to submit your website URL using software and tools.

hand send

You must make these directory transfers manually.

However, all major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo never support any kind of manipulative ranking effort at any cost.

Nofollow directory submission

Because using the do-not-follow script is still extremely offensive. It often does not bring the desired result for higher rankings.

Submitting your website link to one of the unfollowed directory submission sites is always a wise move.

Dofollow directory submission

For those who are bloggers and want to improve their blogs' rankings, dofollow directory listings will help you get your website in the SERPs.

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dofollow-Backlinksthey help to achieve high rankings in the SERPs and also ensure a lot of traffic.

Submission of a niche directory

These are the specific directories that include blogs, rss feeds, scripts and software, web companies, seo companies, travel and tourism and other online businesses.

Each niche directory is dedicated to a specific topic, classified as a category below a general directory.

Presentation of the regional directory

It is used to submit your website regionally to help search engines rank your website locally. Strategically, it helps as an SEO booster for local directory submissions.

List of directory submission pop-up sites

List of top 10 free web directory signup sites

S. No.Free directory submission sitesmiPennsylvaniaGoogle-IndexTypfollow
01https://www.viesearch.com/4857Free / Paid
02https://www.abc-verzeichnis.com/3752Free / Paid
03https://www.tanto.com/3557Free / Paid
04https://www.prolinkdirectory.com/3353Free / Paid
05https://www.cipinet.com/3352Free / Paid
06http://www.hdvconnect.com/3344Free / Paid
07http://www.alistdirectory.com/3053Free / Paid
08https://www.tsection.com/2953Free / Paid
09https://www.1websdirectory.com/2952Free / Paid
10https://www.9sites.net/2951Free / Paid

Website Directory Listing Tools

S. No.List of Website Directory ToolsDomain Authority (DA)

List of Free High DA Directory Upload Sites 2023

There are many listings of 5000 directory submission sites but here are the high DA sites. Try these now!

S. No.Free directory submission sitesmiPennsylvaniaGoogle-IndexTypfollow
01https://www.highrankdirectory.com/2950Free / Paid
02https://www.sonicrun.com/2862Free / Paid
03https://www.elitesitesdirectory.com/2851Free / Paid
04https://www.sitepromotiondirectory.com/2751Free / Paid
05https://www.promocionardirectorioempresarial.com/2748Free / Paid
06https://www.gainweb.org/2747Free / Paid
07https://www.247webdirectory.com/2651Free / Paid
08https://www.happal.com/2648Free / Paid
09https://www.siteswebdirectory.com/2647Free / Paid
10https://www.w3catalog.com/2550Free / Paid
11https://www.acewebdirectory.com/2550Free / Paid
12https://www.verzeichnis-frei.com/2452Free / Paid
13https://www.txtlinks.com/2451Free / Paid
14https://www.eslovar.com/2445Free / Paid
15https://www.addbusiness.net/2354Free / Paid
sixteenhttps://www.dizila.com/2344Free / Paid
17https://www.momsdirectory.net/2248Free / Paid
18https://www.bari.biz/2145Free / Paid
19https://www.worldweb-directory.com/2144Free / Paid
20https://www.flognaw.com/2136Free / Paid
21https://www.onemilliondirectory.com/2050Free / Paid
22https://www.digabusiness.com/2049Free / Paid
23https://www.livepopular.com/2048Free / Paid
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List of submission sites for regional directories

The higher the frequency of regional links on your site, the higher your site's visibility and local ranking online.

When your website ranks, search engines visit your webpage more often and consider your website as the most useful and relevant webpage.

Top 10 Free US Web Directory Submission Sites

S. No.Free directory submission sitesmiPennsylvaniaGoogle-IndexTypfollow
01https://www.jayde.com/3957Free / Paid
02https://www.businessseek.biz/3254Free / Paid
03https://www.usalistingdirectory.com/3153Free / Paid
04https://info-listings.com/2747Free / Paid
05https://www.usawebsitesdirectory.com/2650Free / Paid
06https://www.allbusinessdirectory.biz/1948Free / Paid
07https://www.alabamaindex.com/1843Free / Paid
08https://www.allstatesusadirectory.com/1750Free / Paid
09https://www.visionwebdirectory.com/sixteen42Free / Paid
10https://www.diginyc.com/1131Free / Paid

List of free web directories in UK

S. No.Free directory submission sitesmiPennsylvaniaGoogle-IndexTypfollow
01https://www.splut.com/2951Free / Paid
02https://www.ukinternetdirectory.net/2851Free / Paid
03https://www.britainbusinessdirectory.com/2752Free / Paid
04http://thalesdirectory.com/2552Free / Paid
05https://www.el-directorio-web.co.uk/1851Free / Paid

Australien Top Free Directory Submission Sites

S. No.Free directory submission sitesmiPennsylvaniaGoogle-IndexTypfollow
01https://www.skoobe.biz/2452Free / Paid
02https://directorio.com.au/2243Free / Paid
03https://www.australienwebverzeichnis.net/2045Free / Paid
04https://www.submit.biz/1950Free / Paid
05https://www.textlinkdirectory.com/1549Free / Paid

Free Canadian Web Directories

S. No.Free directory submission sitesmiPennsylvaniaGoogle-IndexTypfollow
01https://www.gmawebdirectory.com/2751Free / Paid
02https://www.canadawebdir.com/2449Free / Paid
03http://www.localsites.ca/2047Free / Paid
04https://www.canadiandirectory.org/1747Free / Paid
05https://www.gtawebdirectory.com/1446Free / Paid

Free Directory Submission Sites in India 2023

S. No.Free directory submission sitesmiPennsylvaniaGoogle-IndexTypfollow
01https://www.fire-directory.com/2845Free / Paid
02http://dominio.in/2446Free / Paid
03https://www.weboworld.com/2252Free / Paid
04https://www.webdirectory.co.in/1848Free / Paid
05https://www.viewfreeads.com/sixteen47Free / Paid
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Free list of niche directory listing submission sites

The more niche backlinks that are created on your website, the more relevant backlinks will be there, which helps in many ways.

Top 10 Free Niche Marketing Directory Submission Sites On The Web

S. No.Free directory submission sitesmiPennsylvaniaGoogle-IndexTypfollow
01https://www.ontoplist.com/4164Free / Paid
02https://www.submissionwebdirectory.com/3253Free / Paid
03https://www.marketinginternetdirectory.com/3152Free / Paid
04http://www.directoryvault.com/3151Free / Paid
05https://theseoking.com/2445Free / Paid
06https://www.directoryseo.biz/2247Free / Paid
07https://www.freeprwebdirectory.com/2153Free / Paid
08https://www.calidadinternetdirectorio.com/2127Free / Paid
09https://www.freeinternetwebdirectory.com/2048Free / Paid
10https://www.marketingwebdirectory.com/1748Free / Paid

Submission pages for niche shopping directories (fashion).

S. No.Free directory submission sitesmiPennsylvaniaGoogle-IndexTypfollow
01https://www.bedwan.com/2452Free / Paid
02https://www.nonar.com/2250Free / Paid
03https://www.ranaf.com/2249Free / Paid
04https://www.fashionlistings.org/2229Free / Paid
05https://www.generalshoppingdirectory.com/sixteen47Free / Paid

List of financial directory submission sites

Here is the top list of business finance web directories where you can submit your website for free.

S. No.Financial Directory Submission PagesmiPennsylvaniaGoogle-IndexTypfollow
01https://www.directorio.ac/3650Free / Paid
02https://www.allbusinessdirectory.biz/2149Free / Paid
03https://www.digabusiness.com/1749Free / Paid
04http://www.mejor-directorio-financiero.com/1127Free / Paid
05http://www.usinvestmentdirectory.com/0827Free / Paid

Frequently asked questions about directory listing

Directory submission refers to the process of submitting your website's title, URL, and description to online web directories in order to create free, one-way, regional backlinks.

We do directory submissions in SEO as it helps generate quality authority backlinks to your website and drive traffic.


Directory submission is still a useful link building technique that improves any website's SEO.

In addition, it also increases a website's ranking by 30%.

Also, directory submissions are useful if you use quality, niche relevant directory submission sites and other strategies.

Verify a directory submission site by checking that the home page and internal pages are indexed. Don't just register with just any directory site.

(Video) TOP 10 Free Blog Submission Site with Do-follow Backlink | SEO Beginner Guide हिंदी Video Tutorial

Fill in all the details like descriptions, links, photos, phone numbers and anything else you need.

This is the correct way to submit directories.

Always keep in mind that the directory submission starts to show results after a few months. Therefore, you need to be patient to get the desired results.


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