5 Types of Guaranteed Directors -BackLinks (and how I built them) (2023)

What is better than left juice?

Left juice to a flowNeu, that is what.

5 Types of Guaranteed Directors -BackLinks (and how I built them) (1)

Each SEO knows how tedious (and sometimes painful) can be a connection building. This is particularly true for new websites.

You still have no authorityAnd calling you behind that it makes the setback links more difficult and slow.

And without a solid basis of good links, its website is at the disadvantage of the SERP, even if you do all other SEO things correctly.

So what can you do?

Two words:

Board of Directors' setback links.

They are one of the fastest options for how new websites create a solid base of quality connections becauseYou are good and easy to get.

And who does not like the sound of a guaranteed setback link (or a couple)?

What are the directory -Backlinks?

With respect to SEO, a directory is a website where you can send a URL from the website to create setback links.Yellow PagesmiDerisionThese are examples of known directories from which you can obtain setback links.

As we know it,Recooking links are an important Google classification factor.

The more links from high quality and relevant sources have indicated to its website, the greater its classification.

The Board of Directors's setback links must be some of the first links that you believe for your website because it is practically guaranteed, it is only waiting to be built.

Why should you build them?

For beginners, Google Good directories (also known as business lists) estimates that they are part of theLocal research algorithm.

But if you need more convincingly:

  • They offer important links to new websites and help create a diverse setback link profile.
  • They help build the authority of trust and mastery of their website and enable brand recognition.
  • You are cheap to build. Many directories offer free offers and do not need specific tools to find or build them (but something likeMonitorore -Backlinkswill help accelerate the process).
  • Compared to anotherConnection tacticsYou are very efficient and easy to get, just look for a directory and send your information.
  • You can sendReference trafficFor your website.

When it comes to directories, there are five main types that you want to receive:

  1. General directories
  2. Business lists
  3. Local quotes
  4. Paid directories
  5. Niche directories

Let's look at this in more detail:

#1.Director general

These are directories that accept programs of many niches of different sites, lists such asJasmine directorymiHotfrog.

Although they are not as focused as in other directories, they are easier to build (since they accept almost all lists) and are considered a good source of authority.

#2. Business Negocio

Business lists are valuable links as part ofSEO local, but they are also great basic connections with the structure.

Places likeShout outmiMantaThese are good examples of commercial directories that must appear on the list.

Many of them are persecuted and Google trusts these sources and, therefore, the listed websites.

5 Types of Guaranteed Directors -BackLinks (and how I built them) (2)

#3. Local Citas

Local (or geographical) directories are mandatory setback links for local businesses.Google my businessmiBing placesThey are good examples.

These local lists are not as authorized as some of the largest commercial directories, but send specific and relevant signals to their website.

Simply make sure the region is relevant to your website/business.

#4. Paved Directors

As the name implies, the directories paid are places where they have to pay money to be on the list, howBest website.

The list list reduces the number of entries in the directory and, therefore, the domain link juice is less common. This means that its Google list is generally considered more powerful.


Niche lists likeThis garden directory centerOffer a double victory when it comes to links:

A followmiSuper relevant backlink.

To unnecessarily mention that it should only be in the niche lists with which your website is related. However, if you meet the criteria, these can be very lucrative links that you can receive compared to the simple structure.

Building high quality 3 stages of high quality directory -Backlinks

The general process to receive directory -Backlinks is simple: send new directories, create a limited list of the best and send a list to your website with a setback bond.

#1 .. Know new lists

There are two ways to do this:

A. Use advanced research operators

One of the fastest ways to find new directories is also free!

Greet advanced research operators.

5 Types of Guaranteed Directors -BackLinks (and how I built them) (3)

There are many research operators, here are only two that will be useful for the presentation of directories:

  • Inourl:- This shows results that contain a certain chapter word in the URL
  • Intitel:- This shows results that contain a specific word key in the title

Just go to Google and use some of these search operators to determine some simple backlink options:

  • "Industria" IniL: Lista
  • Intitle "Industry": List
  • "City" Intitle: List
  • "Niche" + Directory (example: "fitness + directory")
  • "Niche"Directories
  • "Niche" + "Shipping location"
  • "City" + Directory
  • Directory + "City"
  • Send my website + "city"
  • "Niche + City" + Directory
  • "City" + directories
B. steal lists of their competitors

Inverse engineering of its backlinks competitors of its competitorsIt is an excellent way to find simple directory setback links that you can create for yourself.

Why should years spend new links to build when your competition has done this for you?

For the beginning you need oneMonitorore -BacklinksAccount. If you don't haveRegister here for a free qualification account.

Find that from your panelCompetition connectionsABA:

5 Types of Guaranteed Directors -BackLinks (and how I built them) (4)

Here you can see all its competitors and additional setback links:

5 Types of Guaranteed Directors -BackLinks (and how I built them) (5)

(If you have not added any of its competitors, click on "New Competitor" now click!)

Click on the competitor whose links you want to show and then the "Export" button in the upper right corner.

5 Types of Guaranteed Directors -BackLinks (and how I built them) (6)

Now he has a list of the links of his competitors in a useful table.

Since you and your competitors are in the same sector and have a similar audience, most of the directories you have probably will be relevant to you.

All you have to do is work on the list and select all the directories that you can steal to achieve reverse engineering for your website.

#2. Select the best directories you must send

Now you probably have a long list of potential directories to obtain setback links.

5 Types of Guaranteed Directors -BackLinks (and how I built them) (7)

However, before progressing and starting to create, you must make sure the directory is valid to obtain a link. If the needle does not move to its website, there are almost no points when you create a list.

This is what you have to verify for everyone:

  • Relevance

First, it is the Board of DirectorsRelevant to your niche/industry?

Create a link in a directory about the construction of supplies when it comes to accounting on your websiteNOImportant. If it is not relevant to users, it is not relevant to Google.


You also want to verify if the site has one at the top and deliver to your website.

A quick and easy way to verify several directories at the same time.CHECKMOZAnd add it to its URL (you can verify up to 10 each):

5 Types of Guaranteed Directors -BackLinks (and how I built them) (8)

Then click "Search Moz Metricas" and you will see something like this from the website:

5 Types of Guaranteed Directors -BackLinks (and how I built them) (9)

You can even export to CSV.gall!

  • Public

Do you use the directory?

Although the links of the SEO directory are good, make sure that the relevant niche lists are also an opportunity to obtain the directed reference traffic that flows to its website.

#3 .. See your business list

From here it is a very simple process.

As soon as you have your directory list, you will pass individually and allCreate a new business list for your websiteOr make sure your existing list is updated with all your correct information.

The most important information you want in your list is the company's name, address, contact data and, of course, a return link to your website.

Then, simply send your list and wait for approval. Some directories can publish automatically lists, while others may have a revision process in several weeks.

You can easily track when your inputs (and setback links) are approved with monitor setback links.

You can check themYour linksGuide of your entire setback link profile with the last screen above:

If your directory list is approved, the monitor setback links are re -raised again and shown here.

Or if you are another person with work, only wait for the automatic notification of E -Mail and warn of all your new setback links!

Latest thoughts about directory -Backlinks

It is now equipped with everything you need to know to be listed in the directories and improve your setback link profile.

It can be a slow process. However, you should not neglect the links of the construction directory.

Yes, they are not particularly great, and the construction process can be tedious, but built is a solid base for links to their website.

It establishes its website so that it can certainly advance and continue creating high quality setback links.

Remember: SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.

The rent of these links is now defined for success in the future.


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